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Alder is an AI-powered advisory software that helps you nail compliance & scale advisory

About this App

Syncing seamlessly with Xero, Aider turns your clients’ data into proactive, actionable insights.


All of your clients’ data at a glance

Having multiple tabs open in Xero takes too much time and effort – we know, we’ve been there. That’s why we created Aider – to do this for you.

  • One financial dashboard for all your clients’ data

  • Traffic light system, so you can easily triage tasks

  • Detailed insights at the click of a button


Nail compliance & scale advisory

With an automated Data Compliance checklist, and real-time alerts, Aider makes it easier to bring your clients’ Xero files to a more complete and accurate state.

  • Data compliance checklist for GST reporting

  • Reconciliations, taxes & invoices at the click of a button

  • Less admin, saving you time


Real-time client data from Xero

We designed Aider to integrate seamlessly with Xero. Simply connect your Xero account and all of your clients’ data will be pulled into Aider in real-time.

  • Connect your Xero account in 2 minutes

  • Let Aider pre-analyse the data for you

  • Aggregated view of all of your clients’ data


Ready to become a more proactive advisor?

  • 14 day free trial

  • Cancel any time you want

  • Manage your entire client base in one place

Aider is an intuitive software solution for advisors. Aider’s advisory platform was built to help accountants and bookkeepers nail compliance and scale advisory.

How? Connecting with Xero and using artificial intelligence, Aider’s platform pulls your clients’ data, pre-analyses it and presents in a clear, succinct format. 

Aider’s colour-coded financial dashboard provides you with an aggregated view of all of your clients data in one place. Acting as an early-warning system, Aider triages your clients’ data and alerts you of which clients need your attention first.

Aider’s platform also offers advisors quick and easy cash flow estimatesdata compliance checklistsreporting tools, and more. It helps you simplify compliance and save valuable time so that you can offer your clients more proactive advisory services. 

It is the proactive advisory solution that accountants and bookkeepers have been looking for.

Start your 14 day free trial of Aider’s advisory software.


Easily bring your clients' Xero files to a more complete & accurate state

Having multiple tabs open in Xero takes too much time and effort – we know, we’ve been there. That’s why we created Aider to simplify this for you. Aider syncs with Xero and pre-anlayses all of your clients' data for you!

  • Real-time Xero integration, meaning more accurate data

  • Less manual admin, saving you time

  • All of your clients’ data presented to you on one Dashboard


A two-piece puzzle: how Aider and Xero work together

  • Stay on top of your clientbase with all of your Xero clients' KPIs on one convenient Dashboard

  • Automated Data Checklist to ensure quality data underlies your compliance & advisory services

  • Proactive analysis & visualisation of key data to drive client actions and help them achieve their goals

  • Automatic alerts so you know who needs your help and when – no more sifting through piles of data

  • Accurate, proactive daily updates with option to resync with Xero on demand

  • Less manual admin, meaning hours of time saved that you can use to upsell and deliver advisory services


Connects with Xero in under 2 minutes

We designed Aider to integrate with Xero seamlessly. All you have to do is connect your existing Xero account and all of your clients’ data will sync in real-time.

  • Simply click “sign up with Xero”

  • Aider will sync your clients’ data in real-time

  • Pre-analysed Xero data in one intuitive Dashboard

Tiered pricing that fits your practice

Aider is designed to help you improve compliance and advisory for all of your clients.

  • 14 day free trial

  • Cancel any time you want

  • Manage your entire client base in one place

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Free Practice Subscription


14 Day Trial available - as many clients as you want with no hidden costs

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Support Channels

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  • Live Chat
  • Online Help
  • Phone
  • Web Form

Mobile Platforms

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Geographies Served

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • South Africa

  • United Kingdom

  • USA

App features per category

Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Accounting integration

    • Historical actuals

  • Automatic Predictions

    • Automatic cash flow predictions based on historical data

    • Explanations of predicted data

  • Comparisons

    • Forecast vs actual

  • Forecast transaction frequency

    • Daily

  • Forecast transaction options

  • Forecast view period

    • Daily / Weekly

    • Monthly

  • Transaction options

  • Type

    • Cash

Reporting & Dashboards

  • Alerts

    • Receive notifications based on changes to KPI

  • Analysis

    • Comparatives

    • Financial KPIs

  • Benchmarking

  • Reports

    • Commentary

      • Provide report commentary within the app

    • Graphs

      • Include graphs and visual information

    • Pre built templates

      • Use pre-built templates provided by the app

    • Share online with client

      • Share a link to view the reports online

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