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All in Place combines business and personal information, creating a personalised financial overview that can be used for better holistic planning.

About this App

The missing link between business and personal financial planning.

Accountants: Work with business owners to

  1. Pull together corporate and personal financial planning.

  2. Move beyond remuneration planning.

  3. Shape compliant advice.

All in Place is the only personal finance software accredited by the ICAEW.

How it works

All in Place brings you, your clients, and your expertise closer together. Combining business and personal information it creates a personalised financial overview that can be used for better holistic planning.

Personal Cashflow

Create detailed personal cashflow reports based on the key business numbers, tax, personal assets, liabilities and the financial aims and goals of your business owner clients. Dynamically produced in an excel style format with the detail, flexibility and security that an accountant demands.

Financial Healthcheck

All in Place takes the information entered to create tailored Financial Healthcheck reports. These highlight key personal planning opportunities, business planning opportunities, areas of risk, integrated cashflow charts, and your commentary to create a valued platform for the next steps.

Approved Recommendations

Build a powerful list of recommendations that move beyond normal salary/dividend and tax planning. From 2023 this will also include the ability to help clients apply and evaluate a range of selected financial service providers from an approved panel. All from within the remit of your DPB licence.

Business Data

Many of the key numbers of the business will be known to you, and form the basis of the compliance and advisory services you offer. Balance sheet, P&L, assets and liabilities as well as pensions, protection and insurance. All in Place then incorporates these with the salary, dividend and tax information of the business owner.

Personal Data

Through a structured discovery process and with additional data supplied by the client, a comprehensive overview of their personal and family financial position is created. This includes assets, liabilities, protection, insurance, commitments, needs and goals.

Automatic Tax Calculations

All in Place provides you the option to use its auditable automatic tax calculation engine as part of the cashflow, or allow you to input your own figures.

Financial Healthcheck Report

All in Place pulls together and analyses the data to create a powerful overview document that can be shared with clients.

Containing planning opportunities for both them and the business, risks that may need to be mitigated, and a review of their personal cashflow over a defined period.

Each report can be tailored by you to best reflect the client priorities, control the recommendations made, and provide analysis and commentary in each section.

Personal Cashflow

An excel style cashflow modelling tool is embedded to create a robust and secure framework to work in. 

Numbers can be updated in the data input screens or directly into the cashflow tool. Controls allow you to create monthly, quarterly, annual and financial year views, and to expand the cashflow from short through to very long term. 

Scenarios can be adjusted to configure the impact of business and tax planning decisions.

All in Place + your DPB licence

A secure framework for personal financial planning conducted by accountants

Naturally Extend Beyond

Continue the conversation beyond just salary/dividend and tax.

You are already their trusted adviser. Now All in Place allows you to provide a powerful insight into how they can protect, secure and grow their family’s financial health too.

All in Place business and personal financial planning.

Help business owners draw a more direct link between their personal financial needs and how the business can be engineered to achieve them.

Craft your services with confidence.

Build a range of client service propositions that lend themselves to the needs of your clients and the skill set of your firm.

All in Place - Confidence In Personal Planning

The value of the client relationship is paramount as it spans across their business and personal affairs.  All in Place allows this to naturally extend using data, technology and skills already in the hands of most accountants.

All in Place provides a secure way for accountants to engage in personal financial planning with their business onwer clients. Create powerful cashflow models based on the key business numbers, personal financial headlines, and an understanding of their personal goals and ambitions.

All in place is flexible platform that allows you to open up the conversations that will generate fee earning opportunities around services such as: remuneration planning, personal liquidity, and exit planing.

As well as lifesytyle requirements such as moving or renovating your home, providing for school education or creating a stable income in order to spend more time on the things they love doing.

All the time, providing you their accountant, with the opportunity to link back to the performance of their busines. Used in conjunction with a DPB Licence it can be used to maximise the opportunities for referals to third party financial advisers, or to maximise the opportunities for internal referrals to inhouse providers.

Building Your Private Client Proposition

All in Place provides complete freedom for you to create your service

  • Align quarterly VAT conversations with owner focussed cashflow

  • Client projects e.g. planning for proceeds of sale

  • New personal financial planning service

  • Creating holistic plans (business/personal)

Working Confidently and Flexibly with Private Clients

Whether you are working on a specific client project, or building personal financial health check reviews into your client proposition, All in Place provides a secure way to confidently produce impactful analysis and powerful recommendations.

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