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Annature provides automated digital signing and identity verification tools for businesses of all sizes.

About this App

Simplify your documents with Electronic signatures.

Australia's leading eSignature & Client verification provider

Experience secure and efficient eSigning with Annature, the Australian-made and owned alternative to DocuSign. Get access today to all features and exceptional customer service for a fraction of the price.

Annature is an ISO 27001 certified technology company committed to providing businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to automate digital signing and identity verification transactions online.

Electronic signatures

Pay as you go eSignatures starts at $1.75 per envelope

Annature's digital signature product is the ideal solution for businesses looking for a quick and secure way to send documents and agreements for electronic signature. With Annature, you can get all of the benefits and features of international providers like DocuSign for a fraction of the price.

Identity verification

Proof of Identity (POI) and Know your customer (KYC)

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient solution for client verification? Look no further than Annature. Our client verification product is designed to streamline the verification process for accountants and bookkeepers, making it easy to comply with Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) guidelines.

Working with industry leaders

We are proud to work with some of Australia's most respected and innovative companies across a wide range of industries. We can help businesses of all sizes streamline their digital signing and identity verification processes, making them more efficient and secure.

Beautiful business

Proud partners with Xero

We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We do this in part by collaborating with Xero, the leading cloud-based accounting software. Our partnership with Xero allows us to offer a seamless integration between our platform and Xero's software, which means our customers can easily share data and automate tasks, saving them time and effort.

Supporting your change

Stuck in a fixed-term contract? We're here to help

We know how frustrating it can be signing a fixed-term contract with one provider, and then discovering there's a much better one out there that you could be using.

That's why if you're stuck in a contract, we'll work together to get you using Annature free of charge for the remainder of your term. Get in touch to see how we can help you switch today at no cost.

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7 day free trial, fully functional, no credit/debit card required

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App features per category

Digital Signing

  • Identity verification: Australia's favourite eSignature solution

    • Electronic signatures by the leading AU & NZ eSignature provider. With all of the essential eSigning features you already know and love, getting started is quick and getting agreements signed is easy, and now you can also earn Qantas Points in the process*.

  • Envelopes dashboard: Beautifully designed user interface for ease-of-use

    • Check the status of your organisation's most recently sent envelopes at a glance, know exactly who you're waiting on with real-time recipient status tracking, and stay up to date with email event notifications.

  • Team members dashboard: All the information you need on screen, nothing else

    • Create accounts for all individuals in your organisation, separate them logically by defining groups for different departments or locations, and assign administrators to view and manage all envelopes.

  • Cryptographically verifiable: Built on leading blockchain technology

    • Annature leverages blockchain technology to deliver a cryptographically verifiable database and audit trail for all digital signatures. By establishing a tamper-proof digital certificate for critical compliance information, evidence is reliable and trustworthy at all times.

  • Send documents by SMS: Mobile-first experience

    • Send branded SMS notifications to enable immediate access to your documents, so your customers can review and sign faster than ever before. Powered by Chatti - an Australian cloud communications company with global reach.

Identity Verification

  • Identity verification: Client verification for Proof of Identity

    • Client verification should be simple, secure, and compliant. That's why we've developed a powerful solution that allows you to easily verify your clients' identities and comply with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) Proof of Identity guidelines.

  • Purpose-built for your compliance

    • Annature's Identity verification product is designed to meet the stringent guidelines for proof of identity established by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

  • Security first approach: We secure your data, so you don't have to

    • One of the biggest challenges that businesses face when verifying clients is securely storing data. With Annature, all data is hosted with trusted global providers for your peace of mind and security controls aligned to the ISO 27001 standard.

  • Trusted global provider: Powered by Stripe Identity

    • Annature has partnered with Stripe for identity verification, leveraging the same technology that Stripe uses to verify millions of global users.

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Some details on this page are subject to change. If you see something wrong please contact us here.

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