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Aurelia's automated accounting workflows get all tools & systems to 'talk to each other' and take the manual work out of e-commerce accounting.

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Aurelia – the automation experts for your e-commerce accounting

Aurelia are the automation and software experts for accountants and finance leads. We want to to automate accounting for good and free minds of financial busywork . We reinvent the way businesses run their finances, arming them with clarity and reassurance and making accounting as powerful and effortless as it should be that it almost feels like magic.

Our two flagship products Workflows and Invoice Inbox deliver a smooth, end-to-end accounting automation experience where all tools talk to each other, manual work becomes things of the past and you gain real-time insights into how the business is really doing **. Our solutions take full advantage of what technology has to offer, which means you won’t need to deal with clunky set up and workarounds to make the software work for your business. That way, you can get back the time and energy to focus on what really maters – your business / your clients and your practice and feel confident about the future.

Invoice Inbox

Automatically collect, process, match invoices and make payments with one click with Aurelia’s Invoice Inbox, an expense management solution that’s fit for the future.

Invoice Inbox captures and processes  ll invoices, receipts, and purchase order from your email. It automatically passes the data into your accounting software matches them with the bank transaction while categorising their items based on accounting codes.Aurelia’s invoice inbox integrates with major accounting software providers such as Xero, Sage or QuickBooks. Connecting your accounting tool to Aurelia reduces manual work which means better efficiency, fewer mistakes and more mental energy to focus on what matters most – your business and your clients.Rest assured that your client pay their bills on time, every time. You client will be able to see all their invoices in one place, easily initiate payments across their banks, and after all is paid, the data will be passed to the accounting software. Making it easy for your clients, makes it easy for you.This product is in beta version and open for free sign-ups.


Bring your accounting software and e-commerce shop in one place and automate your manual work with our smart and powerful workflow builder.

Three things are really difficult when dealing with an e-commerce business:

  1. not making mistakes in your bookkeeping,

  2. having the visibility of how the business is doing,

  3. paying the right amount of tax.

We also know that that it means a lot of manual work and the software available on the market provide only partial solutions. As software experts, we won’t tell you how to do accounting – you know that best! But we will do what we can do best – automate processes that you once thought were impossible to be that easy.

Aurelia’s automated workflows get you:

All your tools & software finally talking to each other 

Say goodbye to multiple logins and manually transferring data between different platforms. With Aurelia, you can bring all your banks, PSPs, accounting software, communication tools and online marketplaces into one place and build custom workflows on top of them.

Built-in trust

Automating some of the manual processes reduces risk of errors in tax and bookkeeping that can cost you time, clients and reputation. You can test any workflow you set and see a detailed history of runs, changes and errors at any time. Plus, the fully customisable workflows allow you to work the way you like – just faster, more efficient and accurate.

Confidence about the future

With less manual work in your day you can spend time and energy on what really matters – growing your practice and helping your clients, and, real-time insights into their accounting information opens up possibility for better advice and reporting.

Unrivalled tech expertise

Our solution is built by engineers coming from leading companies like JP Morgan, Wise, Pipedrive and GoCardless who leverage technology to turn pipe dreams into reality. Aurelia’s workflows are as simple as they could be and as complex as they need to be, meaning they will scale with the business needs without complicated workarounds or clunky set-up.

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30 day free trial, fully functional, no credit/debit card required

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App features per category

Payment Management

  • Activity log

  • Audit trail

  • Flag if payee sort and account changed

  • Initiate payments from your client's bank account

  • Instant payments to supplier/employee

  • Multiple accounts and workflows per client

  • Schedule future payments

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