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Basecamp is a project management tool with key communication features

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Where it all comes together.

Basecamp’s the project management platform that helps small teams move faster and make more progress than they ever thought possible.

Leave the grind behind. Glide through projects instead.

It’s a struggle to juggle people, projects, clients, deadlines, and expectations — especially when you’re the underdog competing against larger companies. We’re like you, we get it. That’s why we built Basecamp.

In Basecamp, each project lives on a single page. With everything in reach, and every piece of information tracked and organized, everyone knows where to find what they need, and say what they need to say.

Here’s what a project looks like:

  • See how a project starts

  • See a project in progress

Not everything under the sun, just the stuff to get things done.

Besides unlimited projects, you’ll get pings for private conversations, reports to summarize the essentials, notification protections so you aren’t constantly distracted, a timeline showing you everything that’s happening, exceptional customer service, and plenty more to round it out.

Basecamp also helps you consolidate billing, cut costs, and simplify onboarding. When you use Basecamp you don’t need separate apps for chat, file sharing, tasks, or basic scheduling. No more bouncing around, losing stuff, wondering where someone put something, paying multiple bills or onboarding people in multiple places. Less isn’t more, it’s better.

The top choice of savvy teams looking for a big advantage.

Used by top notch marketers, ad agencies, designers, client services firms, consultants, software developers, freelancers, PR agencies, contractors, schools, non-profits, first responders, and many others. Over 75,000 organizations, across every industry imaginable, in 166 countries.

“I’ve used Basecamp for a million projects over the last decade and a half. It’s beautiful software that has resisted every wrong trend and stayed true to the things that mattered most. Highly recommended.”

Tobi Lütke, CEO at Shopify

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30 day free trial, fully functional, no credit/debit card required

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App features per category

  • Message board

  • To dos

  • Schedule

  • Docs and files

  • Group chat

  • Automatic check-ins

  • Organization begins at Home

A straightforward, one-page dashboard for your projects, assignments, and schedule.

  • Stay on topic with Messages

The centralized place for big discussions about big topics. Completely replaces project emails.

  • Track work with To-dos

The powerful place to track work, deadlines, responsibilities, progress, and details.

  • Store, share, and discuss files

An organized space to create, share, and discuss docs, files (physical and cloud), and images.

  • Chat around the campfire

Basecamp’s built-in real-time group chat lets you hash stuff out quickly then move on.

  • Schedule so you don’t forget

The project schedule displays dated to-dos, deadlines, milestones, and relevant events.

  • Automatically check-in on the regular

Get answers on a regular basis by automatically polling your team daily, weekly, etc.

  • Put workflows on the Card Table

Our unique take on Kanban improves on the concept in surprising, practical ways.

  • Get a clear bird’s eye view

“The Lineup” gives you a big picture view of projects in play, from start date to end date.

  • Open a door to the world

“Doors” let you link up other services you use right alongside Basecamp’s built-in tools.

  • Collaborate seamlessly

With “All-access” anyone in your Basecamp account can see and join projects.

  • Be a likeable know-it-all

Reports cut across every project so you can gain quick insight into a whole host of important details.

  • Just ping ’em

Our version of Direct Messages, Pings let you kick off ad hoc chats 1:1 or in small groups.

  • See reality with Hill Charts

Invented here, Hill Charts give you a visual, intuitive sense of where projects really stand.

  • Hook up all the clouds

We’ve added cloud file support for Figma, Airtable, Dropbox, Adobe, Notion, and loads more.

  • One click to everything yours

Get instant access to your schedule, assignments, drafts, bookmarks, activity, etc.

  • Play-by-play, minute-by-minute

Take in everything that happens across every project in real-time — on a single page.

  • Control how people can reach you

Email or in app? All notifications or just important ones? 24/7 or on a schedule? Your call.

  • Be notified in one place

The Hey! menu aggregates all your notifications in a single menu. No more bouncing around.

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