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Boxkite is an automated data backup software for Xero and Dropbox

About this App

Automated backup for Xero, so you can focus on more important things.

The easy way to keep your data close.

The Cloud lets us do amazing things, simpler than ever before. But we get that some people are still hesitant.

With Boxkite, your accounting data from Xero is automatically transferred to your Dropbox account in near real-time. And if your computer is running Dropbox it will synchronize, ensuring you always have a copy of your important data close at hand.

We never sleep.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we keep your data backed up.

Boxkite checks Xero on a regular basis for any changes. Anything that's changed is immediately queued up, and transferred from Xero to Dropbox just as quickly as our hoards of robots can manage.

Go on, relax!

What are you waiting for?

Boxkite is free to try, and if you already have Xero and Dropbox accounts takes just a few seconds to set up.

Boxkite is the missing link between Xero and Dropbox.

After connecting with Xero, our system will routinely check your Xero account for any changes in areas you've asked us to keep backed up.

If we find any changes we queue them up, and Boxkite will move them directly from Xero to Dropbox as quickly as it can - we only hold any data locally when it's in transit.

Once your data is transferred to Dropbox it will automatically sync to any computers set up with that Dropbox account, giving you an automatic backup, right to your own hard drive.

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App features per category

Document Management

  • Backup Xero data automatically to Dropbox

  • Requires less than 200MB of space in your Dropbox

  • Hourly automatic checks Xero for new data

  • Can transfer thousands of files in an hour

  • New data is generally backed within an hour or two

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Some details on this page are subject to change. If you see something wrong please contact us here.

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