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CaFE is a cash flow forecasting platform for accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses.

About this App

1. Permanently connected to your clients' accounting software

2. Instantly highlights impending cash shortfalls and surpluses

3. Allows you to help your client take action straightaway

Don’t be an overhead, be an invaluable business partner

Instantly add value

Alert your clients to their situation and offer advice. You are now more than their accountant or bookkeeper, you are a true business partner

Grow your clients

Use your expertise to guide your clients in how to avoid cashflow risks occuring. Create stronger, longer term clients that will be loyal to you.

Increase your revenue

Adjust your fees to reflect the added value

(hint: many accountants are giving CaFE to their clients because it makes their lives so much easier!)

Simple set up

CaFE plugs into your clients’ cloud accounting software and gives you full visibility in minutes.

Easy to monitor

A quick glance at your client dashboard each morning will show which ones are in need of help.

Clear reports

CaFE produces clear and easy to understand reports that you and your client will love. If your client needs to borrow money, their lenders will love them, too.

Three things you need to monitor to keep on top of your cashflow

There are a few tasks that you can do regularly to make sure you are on top of your cashflow. Here’s our basic checklist for you to follow:

  • Look at the balance in your bank account at least once a week and reconcile the invoices you’ve issued or paid with the cash-in and cash-out transactions that have gone through the bank account. Sounds like a simple job, but if it isn’t done regularly, it makes it almost impossible to monitor your cash position.

  • Check if there are any overdue invoices – do you owe suppliers or are there outstanding client invoices? If you’ve reconciled your payments, you can quickly identify what’s still due.

  • Are there any large payments to be made? For example, VAT or quarterly rent? If you can see the cash balance in your bank account is going to go into the red, it gives you a chance to take action before it happens.

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Partner Program

Alert your clients to impending cashflow pressure – without reducing your productivity.

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