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Inform Direct is a secretarial software for accountants and business owners.

About this App

Inform Direct is an online software service that allows you to manage your company statutory records simply and efficiently.

Save time

Clever automation makes it easy to manage company details. Unique time-saving features and shortcuts help you increase productivity.

Safe and secure

With everything safely stored in the cloud, there’s no risk of loss if your computer systems fail and no more backups to manage.

Professional support

As well as a wide range of resources, Inform Direct's support team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way. We’ll always go the extra mile.

Great For Businesses

Finally, there’s an intuitive and efficient software solution that helps business owners and directors manage their company statutory records and company administration with ease.

Perfect For Accountants

Over half of our team are qualified accountants, so it’s no surprise that we've designed our company secretarial software to make accountants’ lives easier!

Easy to use but immensely powerful company secretarial software that will save you time and help you grow your business.

Work more efficiently

Streamlined features, targeted help and clever automation mean you can get more work done in less time.

Offer clients extra

We enable practices to offer company secretarial services, either for the first time or just better and more comprehensively.

Grow your business

With a full company secretarial offering and a more productive business, you’ll win more clients and improve your bottom line.

A comprehensive solution, efficient and easy to use

You don’t have to choose between comprehensive, flexible features and a company secretarial system that’s easy to learn, efficient and intuitive to use.

Inform Direct provides everything you need to offer your clients a full company secretarial service. You don’t need to be a company secretarial expert or read a manual. The whole system is set up intuitively, and simple step by step wizards guide you easily through each process. When you need to access more advanced features, you can always complete the job with a minimum of clicks.

Unique time-saving features and shortcuts mean you can plough through company secretarial work much faster than with another system, helping you reduce errors and increase productivity.

Companies House forms made simple

Each year, your company is required to submit a confirmation statement (formerly an annual return) to Companies House. Our software makes this quick and easy by using the records you have maintained in Inform Direct to file your confirmation statement in just a few simple steps.  Inform Direct also updates and maintains your statutory registers and monitors time-critical events, alerting you to take action when required.

With Inform Direct you have no need to understand which Companies House forms need to be submitted or how to fill out any of the Companies House forms currently supported. Inform Direct takes you step by step through any changes you are making to your company records and electronically submits the data to Companies House once you confirm the changes.

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Unlimited submissions, produce documents, form new companies.

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App features per category

Inform Direct company secretarial software will ease the administrative burden of corporate life.

Submit Confirmation Statements

  • File confirmation statements online: Confirm the information shown is correct or easily make any necessary updates. It couldn't be easier.

  • Instant delivery: Your confirmation statement is submitted to Companies House instantly. Most returns are approved in just minutes.

  • Never miss a return deadline: See filing dates at a glance. You'll receive email reminders before a company's confirmation statement is due.

Update Shareholder Records

  • Easily issue and transfer shares: When you issue shares, the return on allotment of shares is automatically sent to Companies House.

  • Perfect share certificates every time: Create professionally branded share certificates for existing shareholders or as part of any share transaction.

  • Support for share reorganisations: Step by step wizards guide you through share splits, cancellations, redemptions and many more.

  • Produce dividend vouchers: Tax calculations are done for you. The amount to pay each shareholder is worked out automatically.

  • Generate shareholder reports: Generate reports including current shareholdings, dividends paid and share transactions.

  • Grant and exercise share options: When exercising share options the allotment is electronically submitted to Companies House.

Control Officer Records

  • Automatically import officers: We’ll automatically import details of the existing company officers from Companies House, saving you time.

  • Appoint and terminate officers: Appoint new and terminate officers, quickly and easily. Full support for individual and corporate officers.

  • Easy updates to officer details: Inform Direct knows which changes must be sent to Companies House and automatically submits them.

  • Produce person reports: Produce reports showing officers and PSCs with their addresses for your clients' companies.

Update Statutory Registers

  • Comprehensive statutory registers: A full suite of compliant registers for companies limited by shares, guarantee companies and LLPs.

  • Effortless updates to registers: As you make changes in Inform Direct, the appropriate registers will be updated automatically.

  • Branded registers always any time: Registers can be branded and, being online, can be accessed and the latest position printed any time.

Form a new company

  • Easy online formation service: We've broken the formation process into bite-size steps, so it's quick and easy to start a company.

  • Documents created automatically: We provide all the formal documents that you'll need to get started with your limited company.

  • Flexible formations: We support a wide range of bespoke options including multiple share classes, bespoke articles and more.

Manage Company Details

  • Swiftly update company details: It's easy to update the registered office address, SAIL address and documents or the company name.

  • Monitor filing deadlines: Inform Direct makes it really easy to keep on top of filing deadlines for one or many companies.

  • Maintain dates and details: Record a range of information about the company so it's all in one place and keep track of meeting dates.

  • Manage mortgages and charges: It's easy to register new mortgages and update existing charges with Companies House.

  • Strike off a company: Through a simple process Inform Direct will produce the documents required to strike off a company.

  • Generate company reports: Generate reports, from filing deadlines to company details and registered office addresses.

Prepare Company Accounts

  • File company accounts online: Our guided step by step process makes it easy to file micro-entity and dormant company accounts.

  • Micro-entity accounts: File only the required pages with the option to add extra details to shareholder accounts.

  • Dormant company accounts: Simply confirm or edit the details retrieved from Companies House and accounts are automatically compiled and submitted

Produce Documents

  • Create a range of documents: Inform Direct enables you easily to create a range of useful documents from our fully compliant templates.

  • Secure document storage: All documents you create are saved into your personalised document library, so they're easy to find.

  • Upload and organise documents: Subscribers can upload documents to their document library and tag them to keep everything organised.

  • Produce a range of reports: Download reports of your clients' companies covering officers, PSCs, shareholders and addresses.

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Some details on this page are subject to change. If you see something wrong please contact us here.

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