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The surprisingly simple way to centralise and pay invoices. For all businesses.

About this App

Libeo lets you bulk pay invoices from different suppliers, run payroll and manage cash flow in one tool, synced effortlessly with your other accounting software.

  • One-click, pain-free payments

    • No more digging for supplier payment details. Libeo finds and extracts all the info you need and lets you schedule bulk payments in one click. 

  • In-Sync

    • Say bye, bye, bye to manual reconciliation. Libeo syncs with major accounting tools and makes financial management easier than ever before.

  • Payroll Made Easy

    • Upload your payroll as a CSV, schedule it, and leave the rest to us. You can set up different pay dates, and everything’s logged for posterity.

  • 100% secure payment technology

    • The Libeo Wallet means there’s no need to store risky bank details or credit card numbers. Plus, every action is stored in an audit trail.

  • Keep the cash flow flowing

    • Schedule payments on due dates and set up partial payments. With Libeo, you can manage both supplier relationships and cash flow with ease. 

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Mobile Platforms

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  • agiris


  • Dext

  • ebp

  • evoliz

  • inqom


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365


  • MyCompanyFiles

  • Odoo

  • Qonto



Geographies Served

  • France

  • United Kingdom

App features per category

Payment Management

  • Aggregate payment instructions across multiple batches

  • Audit trail

  • Flag if payee sort and account changed

  • Initiate payments from your client's bank account

  • Instant payments to supplier/employee

  • Multiple accounts and workflows per client

  • No access to client bank required

  • No intermediary account required to hold funds 

  • Payment approvals process

  • Schedule future payments

  • Upload payroll files

  • Upload Xero bill and payroll files

  • Xero Bill Payments Integration

    • Choose dates when payments are made

    • Group payments to same supplier across multiple Xero batches (same date)

    • Group payments to same supplier in one Xero batch

    • Instruct payments from Xero

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