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Salonist is a salon management app that has features such as appointment scheduling, staff management, inventory tracking, and marketing tools. It is designed to streamline salon operations and improve customer experience.

About this App

Salonist is a cloud-based salon management app that is designed to help salon owners and managers streamline their business operations.

This app has features such as appointment scheduling, staff management, inventory tracking, and marketing tools to help salon businesses run more efficiently and provide a better customer experience.


With Salonist, salons can easily manage their appointments, staff schedules, and client information, while also keeping track of inventory and sales data. This app also has marketing tools such as email and SMS marketing, online booking, and loyalty programs to help salons attract and retain customers.


Salonist is suitable for all types of salons, including hair salons, nail salons, spas, and beauty clinics. It is easy to use, and its cloud-based nature means that it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, as long as there is an internet connection.

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App features per category

1) Appointment Scheduling & Online Booking Salonist has a comprehensive appointment scheduling and online booking system that allows salons to easily manage their bookings and appointments. With Salonist, salons can set up their own online booking portal where customers can book appointments anytime, anywhere, using any device.


 2) CRM

Salonist includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features to help salon owners and managers manage their relationships with customers. The software allows salons to store and manage client data, including contact information, appointment history, and purchase history.


 3) Expense Management

Expense management features in Salonist allow salon owners and managers to track and manage their salon's expenses. The software enables salons to track their expenses in real-time, including payments made to suppliers, rent, and utilities.


 4) Inventory Management

This feature  enable salon owners and managers to track and manage their salon's inventory. The software allows salons to track their inventory in real-time, including stock levels, product usage, and product orders.


 5) Marketing

With Marketing feature in Salonist, salon owners and managers to promote their business and attract new customers. Salon owners can create and send promotional emails and SMS messages to their customers, offering discounts, promotions, and special offers.


 6) Payment Management

Salon owners and managers can manage their salon's payments and financial transactions.This software allows salons to accept multiple payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments.


 7) Payroll

Salonist's payroll management features enable salons to set up automatic payroll processing and direct deposit, making it easier for employees to receive their payments. Moreover, it allow salons to generate payroll reports, which can help them to monitor their labor costs and ensure compliance with tax and labor regulations.

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