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Close faster. Save time. Accelerate your reporting, with beautiful visual insights.

About this App

Close faster. Save time. Accelerate your reporting, with beautiful visual insights. 

ScaleXP seamlessly integrates and consolidates data from the leading accounting and CRM systems to deliver your finance team a single source of truth. 

Our platform takes the pain out of tedious manual tracking: 

  • Easily automate revenue recognition, using nothing more than the text on invoices

  • Streamline prepayments, eliminating the need for time consuming spreadsheets

  • Ensure full visibility of all reconciliations 

  • Create beautiful dashboards or reporting packs which can be shared with clients in a few clicks, using our sector-specific templates

We’re certified partners of Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, Zoho Books, Salesforce and Hubspot, allowing you to seamlessly combine data. 


Save time.  Close faster.  Deliver more insights to your clients.

Key features:

ScaleXP streamlines accounting processes. 

  • Automate deferred revenue, MRR, ARR, CAC.  The system contains a series of sophisticated text recognition algorithms which read all words on an invoice and allocate revenue according to the relevant time period.  Revenue recognition is completely automated across quarterly, annual or even weekly invoices. Read more here.

  • Streamline accrued revenue.  ScaleXP provides an elegant solution to automated accrued revenue recognition.  The system imports future dated invoices (those to be sent at the end of a contract term). Revenue is automatically allocated over the relevant term using all of the data and text on the invoice. Invoice modifications and credit notes are detected by the system and update the original transaction, ensuring that revenue recognition is always correct and fully aligned to your systems. Read more here.

  • Automate prepayments and expense recognition. Cost is recognized in the correct month, using the data and text on the bill.  The system allocates cost precisely by day across any time period -weeks, months, years, even decades. Read more here.

  • Consolidate financials across countries, currencies, geographies, even accounting systems. Our instant drill down functionality allows you to click through instantly to any number. Read more here.

  • Integrates with your CRM data (Hubspot or Salesforce) to understand when deals have closed and are ready to be invoiced. View more integrations here.

  • SAAS or subscription companies benefit from a suite of automated metrics including net dollar retention, gross revenue churn, net revenue churn, net customer growth, renewals and upsells. Data is beautifully presented in graphs and charts which are ready to share with the business. 

  • Management account templates ensure your client presentations are comprehensive and tailored to each client.  Templates save time allowing you to update graphs in a few clicks. Sign up to download here. 

The system is designed to provide big company automations and  analytical power to SMEs simply and affordably. The system will simplify your month end process, saving you time and making the process easier. 


Getting started with ScaleXP

Book a demo tailored to your needs with a member of our team. 

Once your questions are answered, if you want to move forward, we onboard customers over a 1 hour zoom. This ensures the system is optimally configured for your business and  you can use the powerful features, right away. Click here to book a demo.

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Some details on this page are subject to change. If you see something wrong please contact us here.

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