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WhisperClaims is a R&D tax credit software for Accountants and Consultants

About this App

Empower yourself to deliver an R&D tax service with confidence.

Implement a new R&D tax service line or scale up an existing operation with the right tools, knowledge and support.

Create value for you and your clients

Software, learning tools and hands-on support—all the help you’ll ever need to prepare R&D tax claims for your clients.


To you:
  • Prepare robust claims

  • Win more business

  • Service more clients

To your clients:
  • Access to funding

  • Sustainable growth

  • Trusted advice

How it Works

Our R&D tax software makes it easy for you to prepare clear, concise claims for HMRC’s R&D tax relief.

Here’s how it’s done in five simple steps…

1. Manage your clients and claims

WhisperClaims is cloud-based, so logging in from any browser, on the device of your choice, is effortless. Once in the app, our clean and intuitive design offers clear visibility of all of the functionality available.

Managing your client’s data is simple – from your dashboard you can access our help and support functions, add new claims and companies, and manage your account. It also includes links to the latest news and resources directly from our team. 

2. Screen your client

It’s important that you have confidence that your client meets HMRC’s minimum criteria. Our qualification checks allow you to identify potential issues early on in the process, so you can objectively screen out ineligible clients quickly.

Dynamic feedback guides you through the process – green assures you everything is on the right track; amber to request more details or alert you to weaknesses; and red if the claim is not viable. At any point during the process, you have the option to invite your client to work collaboratively with you.

3. Complete online questions

With almost no free text entry, the process is simple for you or your client to complete. With all the relevant data to hand, an R&D claim report can be finalised within an hour.

Our software works quietly in the background, ensuring that expenditure is being routed according to your client’s status, handling both SME and RDEC claims. The questions change dynamically when more information is required, and eligibility checkers indicate the viability of the claim—in cases where HMRC’s criteria is not met, you will be shown end points and guided to exit the claim.

4. Pay for and download report

Once all the required information has been gathered, you can edit and refine the inputs as many times as you need to before finalising. An approximate eligible expenditure is presented at the claim review stage, allowing you to gauge the value of the opportunity – if it’s too small, there’s no obligation to proceed.

Once you’re happy to go ahead, you finalise the claim and experience the ‘wow’ moment – your report is now ready for submission!

The report is paid for on download, and you get instant access to both Word and PDF files.

5. Review the report

The report’s structure is based on our extensive experience working within R&D tax relief consultancy. It’s designed to give your client – and HMRC – comfort that all the right questions have been asked. 

If you wish to add more details, such as diagrams or photos, or if you want to add yours or your client’s brand identity, you can edit the Word file.

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App features per category

R&D Tax

  • Fully automated software: Automate your processes, deliver claims faster and improve your margins. 

  • Quality claims: Gain structure to screen clients and prepare claims that are robust and consistent.

  • Risk management: Visibility over your client’s claims before they are submitted to HMRC.

  • Scalable: Expand your R&D offering with no immediate requirement for extra resources.

  • Real time tracking: Manage your workload and track the status of claims so that nothing gets left behind!

  • R&D tax expertise: Designed by R&D tax experts with up to date knowledge on legislation. 

  • Collaboration: Cloud-based so you can collaborate with clients anywhere, anytime.

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Some details on this page are subject to change. If you see something wrong please contact us here.

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