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Xero Projects is a project management software

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Track time and costs with job tracking and project accounting in Xero

Use Xero for your UK job tracking, project planning, budgeting, quoting and invoicing. Record time and track costs with project accounting software.

Xero Projects is easy-to-use, mobile-friendly job costing software right within Xero.

With intuitive tools built into the product, tracking all of your jobs and projects is easy. And, you can be confident the numbers add up with your project financials seamlessly integrated to the single ledger in Xero.

Track your time, enter expenses and record any deposits against each project so you can bill accurately on time. Invoice the way you want with fixed price, progress payments, or time and materials invoices. Copy timesheet information back to payroll to avoid duplication of data and with the Xero Project Trello Power-Up you can even integrate you workflow.

Monitor project performance with up-to-the-minute time tracking and key insights. Simple project reports help you keep on budget and decide when to invoice.

Record time and track costs

Track costs & manage the project budget. Record time using the timer, or location-based job tracker on mobile.

Easily set up project tracking

Quickly create a project and set up job tracking with project accounting automatically integrated with Xero.

Invoice project costs in Xero

Details from your job tracking are added to Xero invoices which can include a pay now button for easy payment.

View financials on a dashboard

View project accounting metrics and monitor progress on a specific project against the project budget.

Record time and track costs

Use Xero’s job tracker to track time, with a start-stop timer and location-based tracking on mobile.

  • Record the hours spent on a project at the time rather than later for real-time job information

  • Seamlessly link costs to specific projects or jobs

  • See exactly where every pound was spent to help with job management

Easily set up project tracking

Say goodbye to complicated integrations with project accounting software. Set up multiple projects for tracking time and costs.

  • Xero Projects is fully integrated within Xero accounting software

  • Just create a project to get started

  • Then add job information and allocate resources, tasks and expenses

Invoice project costs in Xero

Create fixed price or time-and-materials invoices based on your project tracking, and choose how much job information and detail to display.

  • Turn quotes into branded invoices for project accounting

  • Send invoices for deposits and lump sums including project progress payments

  • Add a pay now button to online invoices and get paid up to twice as fast

View financials on a dashboard

Monitor and manage project financials to maximise profit on current and future jobs using a range of project reports.

  • View project financials on the profitability dashboard

  • See a summary of multiple projects in the Project Summary report

  • See a breakdown of costs including and what’s yet to be invoiced in the project accounting software

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