The first UK Digital Transformation Accreditation
for accountants and tech advisors

This certification allows individuals and firms in the System Advisory and Digital Transformation space to demonstrate their efficacy with a peer reviewed accreditation. It aims to:

  • recognise and differentiate those that perform this service

  • create value for those that hold the accreditation and the businesses they work for

  • distinguish the quality of service being provided for professionals and customers alike

  • regulate the chaotic and unstructured realm of System Advisory and Digital Transformation in the world of finance and IT

It focusses on SaaS (software as a service) and cloud-based systems in the market aimed at small and medium sized businesses

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Planned Q4 2024 Launch

How does it work?

The accreditation is a twice-yearly exam. Once this is passed there is an annual re‑certification test.

It is split into 3 sections to enable the various skills involved in System Advisory and Digital Transformation to be assessed:


Timed multiple-choice test

Tests knowledge and awareness of the principles


Timed case study

Tests application and approach



Tests how the individual applies their aptitude to real world examples

There is a dedicated application window, which once closed the answers will be marked against a peer-reviewed criteria by experts in this field.

The pass mark will then dictate the applicants accreditation into four tiers:


The applicant has wide breadth of knowledge across most functions and can deliver advanced projects to a very high level:

  • they can deliver digital transformation projects in their entirety from initial assessment to ongoing support

  • they can work across various finance and operational systems, or have specialised in a niche that they excel at

  • they understand the nuances of specific sectors and can recommend specific apps for those sectors

  • they have deep skills in change management and deliver a high level service for their clients across all areas from advisory to support


The applicant demonstrates a wide breadth of knowledge of standard programs in the field and can deliver more complex projects to a high level:

  • they can deliver system advisory reports and recommendations, understanding and effectively communicating where a client is in their system journey and what they need to do to achieve a desired improvement

  • can advise and work across various finance platforms, completing complex migrations involving historic transactions

  • their work expands into operational systems such as project management, payroll, CRM etc

  • they can train and support across a breadth of these systems and have a set approach to support clients where they are not skilled in specific areas


The applicant demonstrates a basic knowledge and/or experience in the field and should be able to complete straight forward projects to a reasonable level:

  • they can deliver finance reviews and recommendations, as well as basic finance migrations using migration tools

  • they will seek to improve a client's finance system rather than "lift and shift" from one product to another

  • they may consider expense management and reporting in their system work

  • they may have a dedicated App Stack

  • they can deliver training and support on these basic tools


The applicant failed to demonstrate sufficient basic knowledge and application

Once an accreditation level has been achieved, an applicant can re-apply at the next certification window if they want to strive to achieve a higher tier.

Alternatively, if they want to maintain their certification they will need to complete a re‑certification test annually.

What will be tested?


Devised to test a breadth of knowledge of the finance and operational systems that sit in the UK market that are built to operate in cloud architecture and are usually connected via secure APIs

It will focus on functional rather than sector specific knowledge, although sector-based apps may be included in the test to determine breadth of awareness.

Areas tested





None determined to be more important than the others

Skills tested



Change Management

Team Management

Delivery of Service


None of them to a detail to enable an individual certification of each skill


Assumes skills are maintained from the accreditation but will re-test breadth of knowledge to validate that the accreditation holder is maintaining their awareness of the product marketplace.

What will it cost?

Costs will be subject to an annual review, but initial pricing will be as follows:

  • £750*
    + VAT

    For Accreditation

  • £250
    + VAT

    For Re‑certification

*If multiple individuals from the same firm apply in the same application window for the accreditation each person will be charged £500+VAT (securing a 33% discount) if coursework submitted is the same for all individuals

How do I apply?

Once launched you will be able to apply for the first accreditation window online.

Everyone that registers interest will be contacted throughout the process with updates, as well as a link to apply upon launch.

Which tier are you likely to aim for?
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