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citrus HR: The two best ways small businesses can save money on HR

citrus HR knows how important it is to make the most of the resources available to you, so here are the two best ways small businesses can save money on HR.

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onWednesday, 27 September 2023

As a small business it’s vital to save money where possible and it’s an unfortunate truth that a lot of small businesses waste money on HR. This could be anything from the time it takes calculate holiday entitlement to the expensive fees an employee tribunal can incur. We know how important it is to make the most of the resources available to you, so here are the two best ways small businesses can save money on HR.


1. Invest in HR software

Investing in the right HR software can save a small business a lot of time and money. Good HR software can save time by managing the administrative tasks that take you so long.  For example, it can retain a record of employees’ annual leave entitlement by monitoring and calculating it for you. This is especially useful when employees change their hours and their salary and holiday entitlement needs to be recalculated. This is also beneficial to your employees as they are a able to take a ‘self-serve’ approach to HR by checking their own holiday entitlements.


In addition to this HR software can manage all types of absence requests. It can also  manage and keep track of employees’ hours and training and development.  Most importantly, it’s a very good tool to have to electronically store employee contracts, policies and procedures, and other employee information.  This is important as it reduces the need for paperwork, saves money on the need for office supplies (e.g. filing cabinets) and employees will be able to access this information securely from anywhere in the world.


HR software with a payroll function will benefit you even further.  Payroll can be quite complicated and time consuming for small businesses, a lot of whom rely on zero hour or casual contracts. Good payroll software, can support you with managing and calculating payments to these employees and save so much time and money on this complex administrative function.


2. Seek quality employment law advice

Dealing with ineffective employees is very damaging to small businesses as it will very quickly impact financial viability. However, it’s important to understand and be able to navigate the employment law implications when considering the exit of employees from your business. Employment law can be very complicated and therefore it’s important that your source the right consultants to support your business.

It’s important to seek advice from consultants who understand your business needs and have your best interests at heart.  Consultants are able to provide practical, best practice and commercial advice to help you solve employee disputes that stem throughout the employment lifecycle.  You want advice that provides you with options on what you can and can’t do, explaining the risk associated with your options.  This is invaluable to small businesses who are not able to carry the burden of dealing with ineffective employees as easily as large businesses.


How citrus HR can help

At citrus HR we have specifically designed HR software to support small businesses  (we have the customer reviews to prove it).  Our software will bring all your people paperwork together in one place and speed up the time-consuming tasks that keep getting in the way.  Dealing with traditional payroll software can be tedious and time consuming. Our software incorporates a payroll function that will make payroll stress-free so you have more time to focus on important business operations.

Besides having a very user friendly HR information system, we also provide a very cost effective HR consultancy service. We offer flexible, rolling, monthly contracts instead of locking customers in for years on end.  At citrus HR we take the time to understand your business needs.  As soon as you join, the team will arrange to meet with you to understand what your immediate requirements are as well and make you aware of what you can expect from our service.  Our consultants are properly qualified, experienced people who are easy to talk to and will give you the time you need.

Do you have concerns about how to save money in your business? Do you need more guidance on this topic?  Get in touch on 0333 014 3888 or email for more information about our expert HR services and friendly advice.

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