Getting the most out of your free trial: tips from XBert Customer Success image

Getting the most out of your free trial: tips from XBert Customer Success

Make the most of your XBert free trial by exploring its features, involving your team, and utilizing expert support.

Posted byXBert
onMonday 17 June 2024

Free trials – they’re always such a good idea at the time, right? Who doesn't love a chance to check out an interesting technology solution, without a price tag attached?But then, work/life gets busy, you fail to spend the time you need actively trialling the product and before you know it, it’s over and you’re no closer to knowing whether the solution is a fit for your business needs.It a vicious cycle. We know, you don’t want to be hounded and you’d rather just get in and ‘play around’ – and we fully support that. Dive right in! However, if you have a specific need or goal in mind for how XBert could help you improve efficiencies in your business, there are some strategies you can put in place to make sure you have all the information to make a definitive decision, before you’ve spent a cent (or wasted precious time).Our Customer Success team lives for this stuff. No joke - nothing makes the team happier, than seeing the light bulb go off when a bookkeeper or accountant realises efficiencies they can find by using XBert. And so, to make sure we give you the best chance at seeing that light, we’ve put together some top tips for how to make the most of your 30 day free trial.

  1. Give yourself time to learn

  2. Learn from the experts

  3. Include more people into the decision process

  4. Focus on your business needs

  5. Ask questions regularly

  6. Benefit from assisted onboarding

Let us explain a bit more:

1. Give yourself the time to learn.

If you really want to know whether any solution is a fit for your business or not, you have to make sure you give it the time it deserves. Schedule time into your calendar to get into the product, look around and see how it feels for you. Like any new tool, there will be a learning curve associated with using and implementing XBert. We want you to have time to take a proper look, use the product and learn all the ways our audit and workflow solutions can find you efficiencies in your business. Understanding how the product works is key to unlocking the best efficiencies for your business. The free trial period is the perfect time to get a high-level view of the features the product offers and begin to implement those tools in a way that will benefit your workflow.

2. Learn from the experts.

Ask for a demonstration from the experts – and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Particularly when you’re looking for certain features, it’s much easier to ask from the outset about X, Y and Z rather than waste your time getting into a product only to find it doesn’t have your non-negotiable feature sets.What's more - bring to the table your business goals and what you're really looking for in a tech solution. XBert has an incredibly rich feature set - we may have some handy tools to help you reach those goals, that you're not aware of just yet.

3. Include more people in the decision process.

If you’re looking to use XBert to manage staff, you might want to get at least one or two on during the trial, to get a feel for how they will be working. Mid-way through is a good idea, once you’ve had time to get your head around the product and how it will work once you invite your team in.You want to be confident your team will find it easy to use and understand (hint: we know they will!) Including them during the trial period will help them get the jump on knowledge too - making it easier to onboard the rest of your team. Nothing like having super-users who can take control and help manage the newbies that jump in later on.

4. Focus on your business needs.

Why are you looking into XBert? Are you looking to reduce rework in your practice? Ensure data integrity? Maybe you need to streamline your processes - move those bookkeeping checklists from your head into a format you can scale your business with. Do you want to have visibility across your workflow, and your teams?Knowing what you want to achieve from the outset makes a huge difference in how quickly you see results with XBert. Share these with your Customer Success agent, and they can ensure you’re taking the right steps to make those happen. There’s no point floundering about when you can have a clear, concise road to your goals.

5. Ask questions, regularly.

What's the saying: there's no such thing as a silly question? When you start a free trial with XBert, you’ll be assigned a Customer Success agent to guide and support you through your XBert journey. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions – that’s what we’re here for! Sometimes, asking the question quickly in our live chat can save you valuable time.

6. Benefit from assisted onboarding.

We know many accountants and bookkeepers are time poor – that’s why many are drawn to XBert. And that’s why we offer a Step Ahead program. Helping you stay a Step Ahead in business (get it 😉) this assisted onboarding program will give you an assigned Customer Success agent to help set up and implement all your customised workflow templates and practice processes – so you don’t have to. For more information on Step Ahead, you can email

Built for bookkeepers

XBert is the most comprehensive audit and workflow tool built for bookkeepers.The sophisticated AI Audit, coupled with clever task and workflow management tools will not only save you time, they'll help you create a smooth, streamline system that helps prepare your business to easily scale.But that's just the beginning. With XBert's extensive feature set, you will:

  • Sleep better knowing your client files are clean and healthy.

  • Have effortless visibility over the size and complexity of your client files.

  • Stop stressing about client retention with White-labelled Client Consoles

  • Free up time, and have the systems in place, to scale your business.

Start a free trial with XBert and discover why it’s the ultimate practice productivity tool for accounting professionals.

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