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Kelsie Colville: Bringing unwavering commitment to Customer Success

Customer Success at Spotlight Reporting isn't just about providing technical help, we also offer a strategic partnership that helps customers achieve their goals.

onTuesday, 13 June 2023

Customer Success at Spotlight Reporting isn't just about providing technical help, we also offer a strategic partnership that helps customers achieve their goals. Our Customer Success Specialist, Kelsie Colville, facilitates this in the North American region by helping her customers define wins for themselves and ensuring their businesses grow and succeed. 

Living both a small-town and metropolitan life

Born and raised in the small town of Flesherton, with a tiny population of 500, Kelsie moved to Toronto for her further education in hospitality and tourism from Toronto Metropolitan University (previously called Ryerson University).

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After living a dreamy city life, Kelsie now resides halfway between her hometown and Toronto, with her partner and their 10-month-old puppy, Flynn, who keeps her busy all day at home. Kelsie's weekends are mostly spent on hikes on nearby trails or tossing a ball around in the park. She loves spending her winters snowboarding, and has recently started golfing during the summertime.

From strategic problem solving to becoming an ambassador of client success

Navigating complex challenges is an inherent part of a Customer Success Specialist's role, and Kelsie excels in this area by ensuring that her customers' problems are solved. 

Through regular check-ins with her customers, personalized training sessions, and prompt responses to queries, Kelsie ensures that the firms feel supported every step of the way. She identifies potential roadblocks proactively, and offers tips and advice to overcome them. By collaborating closely with Spotlight’s Product and Support teams, Kelsie works to troubleshoot any issues, streamline processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide valuable insights for product development. This proactive approach drives long-term success for customers. 

She says, "I think of Customer Success Specialists as the 'quarterback of the customer relationship.' We understand each customer's goals, and the definition of success helps push them into the red zone and make touchdowns." 

As the dynamics of the accounting world have changed, the role of accountants has evolved beyond traditional bookkeeping and financial reporting. With accounting firms constantly looking to develop their advisory practices, Kelsie always tries to be ahead of the curve by staying up to date with the latest developments in the industry. 

Her expertise and knowledge can also be found at Spotlight Reporting's premium resource Transform in Action, leveraged by current customers to level up offerings and client relationships, with top tips and insights into how to design and implement successful advisory services in their practice. 

Supporting customer needs - from hospitality and tourism to accounting-technology ecosystems

Kelsie has always possessed an unparalleled commitment to customer excellence, stemming from the start of  her career in high-end hotels such as  the Four Seasons and Shangri-La. In these environments she was prompted to go above and beyond in understanding the customer's unique needs and challenges. 

Kelsie realized that customer service is the lifeblood of the hotel industry. It can make or break a guest's experience and leave a lasting impression influencing their decision to return or recommend the hotel to others. 

She fostered a customer-centric culture within Spotlight Reporting by implementing the same strategies. While the worlds of hospitality and tourism, and accounting technology may appear very different, there are many parallels in providing excellence of service, and understanding how to meet and surpass the needs of customers. 

Technology innovation and delivering extraordinary experiences with Spotlight Reporting

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Kelsie was impressed with Spotlight Reporting's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that helps accounting firms of all sizes provide information to their clients to make decisions. Developing her skill in the hotel industry to transform ordinary interactions into extraordinary experiences translated well into the role of a Customer Success Specialist.

Kelsie says, "Seeing our customers succeed is one of the most rewarding parts of my job, and I'm always striving towards it." 

Forecasting serves as a beacon of clarity amidst uncertainty in the dynamic business world. Spotlight Forecasting helped firm’s clients predict future scenarios and provided opportunities for proactive organizations to thrive. Progressive accountants present their clients with Spotlight Reports showing  they could achieve the funding they needed, that their company was viable and that it did make sense to keep going, or that they had enough cash to take on some new hires.

Learn more about how the Spotlight Reporting team can help you make successful advisory services at your firm here.

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