The State of AI in Accounting Report 2024 by Karbon image

The State of AI in Accounting Report 2024 by Karbon

Unveil the secrets shaping the future of accounting in the "State of AI in Accounting Report 2024"; as industry professionals anticipate transformative shifts, a strategic gap emerges, casting shadows on the significance of AI training investments and hinting at concealed implications for the trajectory of the field.

Posted byKarbon
onFriday 19 January 2024

The State of AI in Accounting Report 2024 by Karbon

Download Karbon's comprehensive guide on AI's impact on the accounting profession, based on insights from 595 accounting professionals. Explore their sentiments towards AI, from excitement to concerns, and learn how AI is currently being utilised in the industry.

The global consensus among accountants is clear: 71% anticipate substantial changes in the accounting field due to AI. Remarkably, 82% express intrigue or excitement about AI, yet only 25% are actively investing in AI training for their teams.

This paradox is not merely an oversight but a strategic gap with profound implications. The report emphasises that accountants trained in AI will replace their counterparts, underscoring the importance of seizing the opportunity through AI training.

The "State of AI in Accounting Report 2024" is a unique resource shedding light on the thoughts, concerns and predictions of accounting professionals worldwide. Key takeaways include the inevitability of AI's transformative impact on the industry, varying enthusiasm based on roles within firms, and concerns about the future of specific roles like bookkeeping.

Discover how AI is currently employed in accounting, with insights into communication (59%), task automation (36%), and research (31%). The guide also explores why accounting professionals are excited about AI, with 54% believing it adds value to a firm, 66% considering it a competitive advantage, and 46% seeing it as a talent attractor.

However, the report also highlights concerns, such as worries about data security (76%), the potential decline in human touch and relationships (56%), ethical dilemmas and biases (49%), and the challenge of keeping up with rapid advancements in AI technology (46%).

To gain a deeper understanding of the state of AI in accounting, download the full report and stay informed about the evolving landscape.

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