XBert: How Bookkeepers are onboarding more clients, with less stress image

XBert: How Bookkeepers are onboarding more clients, with less stress

XBert helps Sumi Sivilingam of First Class Accounts Doncaster manage her growing team and client base, ensuring consistent, high-quality service.

Posted byXBert
onMonday, 17 June 2024

As a Certified Bookkeeping Consultant and owner of First Class Account Doncaster, Sumi Sivilingam's priority has always been maintaining excellent business records and customer satisfaction. Her passion for helping people and their businesses grow and succeed saw her bookkeeping consultancy grow to a point where she needed to hire staff.  Sumi was concerned about maintaining consistent, high-quality delivery of her services as she grew her team. She wanted to ensure nothing was being missed as her client base grew, and know exactly what need to be done at any given time. That’s where XBert came in.

What XBert does for First Class Accounts Doncaster

“Since I have started using XBert, I have started onboarding more clients, because I knew I had the mental capacity to cope with the workload. It was no longer overwhelming, because everything is systematic and organised in the one system. And it’s so easy to see where your staff are up to at any given time,” Sumi says.

While Sumi had initially been looking for a bookkeeping workflow tool, XBert’s AI Audit piqued her attention right off the bat. The automated checks have proven to be a huge help in freeing up her capacity for more clients. It also gives her peace of mind, knowing nothing is being missed.

“It instantly picks up all the discrepancies that would have taken me a lot longer than if I had to run through the file myself. In one instance, it picked up that a client's employee had a birthday which pushed them to the next award bracket. I took that to the client and they were very impressed...I looked like a real rockstar.”

Using that in conjunction with XBert Workflows, in just a few clicks, Sumi can see where the team is at and what needs to be done.

“I like the fact that you can filter your tasks by day or week or month, so if I’ve missed something that day I can go and look in a week’s time and see alright, what haven’t we done, what needs to be done. It’s particularly useful during BAS period. Having that filter enables me to stay on top of everything and know when my deadlines are."“If you’re thinking of growing your business - and to not be afraid to onboard more clients, or even take on more staff - this is the perfect tool to manage your business and staff.”

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