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11 Reasons Why You Need G-Accon Today!

Right from the beginning, G-Accon was developed to make the lives of accountants easier.

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Right from the beginning, G-Accon was developed to make the lives of accountants easier. That was the basis of our beloved product that our development team brought to fruition. Now, we are so excited to be able to offer you our highly-anticipated add-on that will allow your company to connect cloud accounting platforms to Google Sheets.

Are you debating whether your business would benefit from using G-Accon? Here are 11 reasons why you need our app today.

  1. G-Accon is perfect for those who love Excel or Google Spreadsheets

Cloud accounting platforms such as Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and WorkflowMax are great ways to collect data from different sources and easily consolidate documents. They are also relatively safe and convenient. However, after reading feedback from our customers, we realized that these platforms are ideal for data collection, but are lacking in data analysis. Our add-on can remedy this! G-Accon gives you the ability to transfer data in the desired format to Google Sheets. From there the possibilities are endless: filtering, drawing up dashboards and graphs, using formulas, sorting, and more. Our application will definitely be appreciated by those who miss Excel functions when using Xero, QuickBooks, and more.

2. G-Accon is standardized –– use the same UI interface for all your accounting systems

G-Accon’s standardization is highly appreciated by our customers who serve many clients of their own! Every client uses different cloud platforms, and that leads to the issue of needing to set up manual reporting for multiple clients over multiple different platforms! This is stressful, but G-Accon takes all that hassle and chaos away. Our add-on works the exact. Same. Way. with all of your platforms. This allows you to configure your manual reports once, copy the setting for multiple clients, and have it run smoothly no matter what platform your client is working with. Today G-Accon is available for Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and WorkflowMax/Xero Practice Manager users.

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3. G-Accon drastically minimizes mistakes from manual copy-pasting

People love Excel so much that they sometimes go so far as to manually transfer data from accounting solutions into Google Sheets or Excel. This creates the possibility of manual errors due to inattention. It’s time to wisen up and switch your approach to this. With G-Accon, this data can be uploaded automatically. In other words? Mistake-free.

4. G-Accon provides 2-way synchronization

Sometimes, you have to return a file to Xero after uploading it and analyzing it in Google Sheets. With G-Accon, this task is effortless because our add-on offers 2-way data synchronization. You can easily take data from your chosen cloud accounting platform, manipulate it, and re-upload it back to your account.

5. G-Accon has live updates

You only need to set up G-Accon once to reap the benefits of endless live data updates. When you initially connect our application to your cloud accounting platform of choice, you can customize your spreadsheets by choosing a format display for your reports and data. Then, you can set up automatic updates by 2picking a data update schedule. Now you can finally enjoy real-2time reports sent right to your mailbox.

6. G-Accon increases automation

In addition to automatically updating reports, G-Accon has many other useful features that will definitely save you and your company time in the long run. For example, G-Accon can help you automate notifications, schedule emails with updated and formatted reports, back up your organization, and more.

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7. G-Accon has a multi-user feature that lets your whole team chime in

One of the advantages of Google Sheets is the ability to work on one document from multiple devices. You can give employees access to the files they need, work on documents as a team, track changes, show updated data in a report (without sending an email!), leave comments and technical notes instantly, and more. G-Accon keeps this feature which allows your teams to keep functioning smoothly and efficiently.

8. G-Accon makes huge data sets seem small

This feature is for all our accountants out there! Working with big clients and large reports can be daunting and overwhelming. G-Accon can help alleviate this burden. With our add-on, reports can be downloaded from accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks, or FreshBooks directly to Google Sheets. You can also upload data in bulk from Google Sheets back to your accounting applications. Finally, you can store your data in the same spreadsheet and filter it as needed. This is a stellar feature when you need to delete duplicates, for example.

Bonus! With G-Accon, you can upload really large reports with more than 100,000 lines! Not to toot our own horn, but that’s way more than our other competitors.

9. G-Accon can tailor data to any format you need

Are you tired of having to constantly and manually convert files? With G-Accon, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Our basic settings allow you to choose a convenient report format: CSV, Excel, or PDF as well as choose a portrait or landscape orientation.

10. G-Accon is affordable

E69D4AG-Accon is hands-down one of the most affordable solutions on the market. No other product of our caliber has prices quite as low. Our rates start at $30 per month for up to 5 companies or $6 per individual company. This low price encapsulates all the premium features of G-Accon that we’ve described. You don’t have to pay anything extra or upgrade to a more expensive plan. This even includes features like workflow automation!

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11. Your data is under reliable protection

In today’s day and age, more and more business is being moved to a virtual format. With your confidential company information being regularly downloaded, sent, and shared by your employees, you need to be certain that this information and data is kept protected. G-Accon is reliable and will keep your data safe and secure so you can rest assured.


Thousands of accountants and bookkeepers currently appreciate the convenience and functionality of G-Accon… so what are you waiting for? Now it’s your turn! Feel free to reach out to chat about G-Accon and your business today.


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