5 ways to use the Senta Zapier integration image

5 ways to use the Senta Zapier integration


1. Add a new prospect from an external form completion, or the prospect reaching a stage in your sales pipeline.

Here you might use an external form such as Cognito Forms to collect information about a prospect prior to raising a proposal.

If you’re using GoProposal then adding them to Senta ahead of the proposal will save you having to manually enter their contact information on the Proposal.

For Practice Ignition users, you could have the prospect added to PI alongside Senta in the same Zap.

2. Update contact groups in Mailchimp when services are updated in Senta.

This will mean that Senta and Mailchimp will always be aligned and you can use Mailchimp to send nicely designed emails to segments of your clients.

3. Update client notes in Senta when meetings are booked via your online meeting scheduler (Calendly/Acuity Scheduling/10to8 Booking/Google/Office365).

This Zap would provide you a track record of all of the meetings that had taken place with a client.

4. Connecting Senta to Practice Ignition to update Senta whenever a proposal is accepted.

Read our complete guide about this Zap, produced as part of our partnership with Practice Ignition.

5. Setup notifications to Slack/Teams whenever any of the following triggers take place:

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