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Advising businesses that make, manage or move products


Will Farnell was joined by John Horton from Unleashed Software for a webinar around advising product businesses on moving to cloud inventory systems.

During the webinar John helped to dispel myths and preconceptions around the fact that inventory apps are:

  1. Really expensive

  2. Really complicated

  3. Always time consuming to implement

  4. Only implemented by inventory specialists

They also focused on strategies to increase confidence among advisors around talking to product based businesses.

The Unleashed Manufacturing App Playbook

Unleashed have listed some of the key systems requirements for businesses across various manufacturing sub-industries. These can be useful to be aware of when having an initial discussion with a prospect or client about systems. Holding a discussion around these points will demonstrate competency and understanding of their business.

However knowing these key features will not replace the need for full process mapping and scoping exercises to fully understand the business’ requirements. You should avoid making any recommendation in advance of this exercise, as doing so can put your reputation at risk.

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