Airwallex February 2024 release notes: Streamline bill payments and gain instant insight into card spend image

Airwallex February 2024 release notes: Streamline bill payments and gain instant insight into card spend

Recent enhancements and upcoming arrivals

Posted byAirwallex
onFriday 9 February 2024

Product Enhancements 🎨

Save time by streamlining global bill payments ⏱️

We’ve updated Airwallex Bill Pay to make paying vendor invoices even more efficient. You can now pay multiple domestic and international bills in one go with our new Bulk Payments feature. You can also save time by automatically generating draft bills within your account. Rather than downloading bills from vendor emails and uploading them individually into Airwallex, simply forward vendor emails to your designated email address and a draft bill will be created automatically. Learn more here.

Gain real-time insights into card spend 📊

Visit the Cards tab in the Airwallex app to get a detailed overview of your business’ card spend. Customise settings in our new user-friendly dashboard to gain insight on specific time periods, currencies, and cardholders.

Collect GBP payments via BACS direct debit 💷

Customers that use Airwallex’s Core API product can now collect GBP payments from their UK customers via direct debit. They can also pull funds from their own UK bank accounts into their Airwallex account via direct debit. 

In order to collect payments via direct debit in the UK, businesses must first obtain a BACS mandate from their customers. Airwallex customers can register a BACS mandate in just two business days. To learn more, please contact your account manager.

Upcoming arrivals 🧳

Reimburse employees globally for out-of-pocket expenses 💸

We’ll soon be launching a reimbursement feature to complement our Expense Management product. This new feature will allow your business to easily manage employee and company expenses, regardless of whether they are incurred on your Airwallex cards or an employee’s out-of-pocket expense. Both domestic and international employees will be able to be reimbursed directly to their local bank account from one workflow. Please reach out to your account manager if you’re interested in joining the Beta.  

Canadian Customers: Create virtual employee and company cards in a tap 💳

Airwallex Borderless Cards will soon be coming to Canada. Our Canadian customers will be able to create new virtual cards instantly and use them to spend globally, directly from their multi-currency balance. Airwallex Borderless Cards are already available in multiple regions and we’re excited to bring this feature to more of our customers.  

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