Airwallex release notes: Expanded local payment rails, improved cards visibility and more image

Airwallex release notes: Expanded local payment rails, improved cards visibility and more

Airwallex enhances payments, expands transfers, improves card management, and streamlines billing.

Posted byAirwallex
onMonday, 22 April 2024


Introducing currency switching on our Klarna Shopify App 

In December 2023, we launched a standalone Klarna app for Shopify stores to enable cross-border functionality. Klarna is a top payment method worldwide with over 150 million shoppers. This standalone app allows you to offer the Klarna payment option upfront, streamlining the checkout process for your customers. 

We're thrilled to announce further enhancement to our Klarna app which now features automatic currency switching. This means:

  • Wider Customer Reach: Shoppers can now use Klarna regardless of the store's currency. 

  • Smoother Checkout: Eliminate currency mismatches that slow down checkout.

  • Frictionless Experience: Offer a one-step Klarna option, that allows shoppers to discover Klarna as a payment method faster. 

To get started head over to our product docs for detailed instructions on installing and using the Klarna app on your Shopify store.

Power your WooCommerce store with Apple Pay and Google Pay Express Checkout 🛒

We've launched Apple Pay and Google Pay Express Checkout on WooCommerce stores. This means the WooCommerce Airwallex plugin now comes with built-in support for Apple Pay and Google Pay Express checkout to speed up checkout for your customers on desktop and mobile.

Plus, you can customize buttons, CTAs, and placement for a seamless checkout experience in your store. Learn more about Apple Pay and Google Pay setup to get started today!

Business Accounts

Exciting news for international transfers🇬🇧🇿🇦

We are thrilled to announce our expanded global transfer rails to serve our businesses better. Our customers can now:

  • Send or receive money in 24 new African countries. We've also added 15 new transfer currencies for even more flexibility. 

  • Make local transfers in the UK using CHAPS without any transaction limits. 

  • Conveniently pay bills and make automatic payments via direct debit for Canadian Global Accounts.

Get ready for wider reach and greater convenience over your international finances. Head to our product docs for the full list of supported countries and currencies. We're constantly innovating to make Airwallex your one-stop shop for international transfers.

Payout to multiple recipients, in multiple currencies, and to multiple countries in one go with Batch Transfers API ➡️

We are excited to announce the expansion of our Batch Transfers capability with API functionality. With this API, you can now pay vendors, contractors, and employees around the world, with the Airwallex Wallet or Linked Bank Account (LBA) as a funding source.

Select your preferred transfer method for each destination country, access our market-leading FX rates, and get full visibility of the total cost of a batch transfer before you send it.

You can also configure approval workflows to ensure batch transfers are signed off by the right team members before they send. You’ll also receive notifications on the status of each payment, so you’ll know exactly when a payment has been received.     


Simplify your workflow with a revamped cardholder details page 🗂️

For customers using our Borderless Cards, we have revamped the cardholder details page to help better manage your cardholders. Now you'll see all the essential info in one place, with a dynamic layout that lets you switch between a quick side panel view or a full-page view showcasing transactions and spend totals.

Plus, you can take action directly from the cardholder details page to manage accounts efficiently. This update streamlines your workflow and provides a more comprehensive view of cardholder activity – all within a user-friendly interface.

Head to your cards home page of the Airwallex app to experience the new design.

Improved visibility into declined transactions for Airwallex-issued cards 📈

Want to get a better understanding of why certain card transactions were declined? Customers using our Issuing Transactions API will now see the reason behind failed transactions, with clearer descriptions.

You’ll now be able the see failure reasons, allowing you to identify and address declined transactions directly. This update empowers you to understand why transactions fail and take corrective action, resulting in a smoother payment experience for everyone.

Streamlined bill pay data with Xero 2-way sync 🧾

No more scrambling to update your bills after changes in Xero. We've introduced a new 2-way sync functionality that keeps your Airwallex bills data in perfect sync with your Xero account. This means any changes you make to your bills in Xero will now automatically be reflected in Airwallex, eliminating the need for manual updates. 

Leverage 2-way sync functionality to ensure automatic bill updates, eliminate discrepancies, and reduce errors like accidental overpayment. Head to your Airwallex account to experience the benefits.

Additional Enhancements

Get more clarity on your billing information⚡

At Airwallex, we're always striving to improve your experience, and that includes making your billing information crystal clear. 

Updates to our invoices will now reflect rebates being displayed as positive numbers with a "CR" label, so you can easily see the amounts credited to your account. We've also simplified the names and added additional details for fees on your invoice for better understanding. Finally, the entire layout, structure, and grouping of fees have been improved for enhanced readability.

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