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Alternative to DataDear that integrates to Xero…


What happens when software you have relied on to publish financial reports suddenly says, “we’re done”?  This is what happened this week as DataDear announced, effective end of October 2022, they will no longer be supporting an integration with Xero. 

If you have been following this story, you already know that earlier this year, DataDear was acquired by Intuit.  Inuit, the maker of QuickBooks, competes fiercely with Xero.  We can assume that DataDear in whatever form it takes in the future, will only be available for the QuickBooks platform.

The ray of sunshine in this story, is that DataDear users have a fine alternative, Scott’s Add-ins.  Scott’s Add-ins offers a powerful set of custom Excel functions that allow users to create bespoke financial statements and analyses in Excel, then refresh with current Xero data with one-click.  These functions include =SCOTT.GL, =SCOTT.RANGE, =SCOTT.XBUDGET, =SCOTT.XTRACK, and more.

As a way of easing the pain and transition from DataDear, Scott’s Add-ins is offering a limited promotion of two months free subscription for all DataDear users that migrate to the Scott’s Add-in Pro version.  To take advantage of this offer, simply drop Scott a note to  

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