Bridge the Compliance Gap: Engagement letters made easy (so you sleep soundly at night) image

Bridge the Compliance Gap: Engagement letters made easy (so you sleep soundly at night)

Posted onMonday, 20 February 2023

Does the topic of engagement letters fill you with dread?

It's understandable, building out a robust library of engagement letters is a difficult process that takes a lot of time and resource.

Many accountants and bookkeepers feel exposed to risk as they don't feel confident that the documents they've issued will protect their business, should anything go wrong...
Join James Ashford and Levi Hindson-Briggs for their upcoming webinar to discover how you can bridge the compliance gap in your accounting business.

What will you learn?
• The 5 key mistakes you are making with your engagement letters and the importance of avoiding them
• How you can transform your engagement letter process to fully protect yourself, your team and your business
• Why your business needs to focus on more than just risk management to be fully compliant
Thank you,

P.S. Can't make the date? Register anyway and their team will send you the recording so you don't miss out.

*This webinar will be most valuable if you are based in the UK. If you are from a different country you are more than welcome to join, but please note the contents will be based on UK legislation.

Register here.

Friday 24th February 2023 | 10:00 GMT

Miss the webinar? Watch the recording any time!

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