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Bright launch BrightTax: Client tax compliance in the cloud

Is your tax compliance in desperate need of a glow up?

onFriday, 19 May 2023

Is your tax compliance in desperate need of a glow up? We hear you – it’s 2023, and the tech race is on. Isn’t it time that we say ‘see ya!’ to desktop software and move to a more sleek and efficient solution?

Well, powered by BTCSoftware's reliable and robust core system, BrightTax is taking things up a notch with its new cloud platform. BrightTax is the new kid on the block at Bright, leading providers of accounting, tax, payroll, HR and practice management solutions.


Made with flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency in mind, BrightTax makes accountants’ lives easier by helping them manage their clients’ finances and stay on top of tax obligations. You can access client information in-browser to work on and submit Individual Tax Returns and VAT returns (we’re MTD for VAT compliant) to HMRC as well as annual accounts to Companies House – all designed to make your life easier.

As well as core compliance filing, you can import data from a wide range of bookkeeping software providers, tag returns with critical iXBRL data and automate a lot of your financial reporting.

But we get it, you’re a busy accountant with tons of responsibility – so let’s cut to the chase. Whether you're already a Bright customer or new to the club, here’s why you need to pack up your Self Assessment, Corporation Tax, Accounts Production, and VAT clients and move them to the cloud.

This is for the accountants who strive to be ahead of the curve, like the people who queued for the first iPhones, played the first Xboxes, or used Zoom first in their offices. But before you jump in, you’re probably asking yourself ‘Well, what are the benefits? How does it compare to the desktop solution? And what’s in it for my team?’ – no worries, we’ve got the benefits outlined down below. More of a visual learner? We’ve got you, you can request a free demo of BrightTax below.

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What are the benefits of BrightTax?

The time you save

Get tasks done in no time – you can automate data entry, calculations, tax filing, and more. BrightTax integrates with HMRC, Companies House and bookkeeping software to speed up your UK tax and compliance processes.

This is especially handy when busy season comes around, with Individual Tax return filing becoming more efficient, accurate, and compliant with HMRC. Plus, with automatic updates, you'll always stay effortlessly compliant with the latest tax regulations.


The power of flexibility

Tired of being tied to your desk at work? Well, with the cloud (and a tiny bit of persuasion) you don’t have to be. Remote working is a no-brainer for firms who operate in the cloud – with access to software from anywhere (once you’ve got a decent internet connection) and effortless collaboration with your team in real-time.

Continuous compliance

Compliance is an ongoing thing for us, not just for certain times of the year. We want to make sure you’re kept up to date with the latest tax regulations to cut down on the risk of penalties and fines. For example, our VAT filing module makes MTD for VAT compliance a walk in the park, letting you submit VAT returns direct to HMRC through the software. We’ve also got built-in compliance with UK iXBRL rules to help save you time.


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User-first approach

Our new user-friendly interface is a dream to navigate, letting you manage your clients much easier than before. Add them in a snap and seamlessly switch between your Self Assessment and corporate clients, without having to leave the client management hub.


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Uses the same database

Say goodbye to those sleepless nights – BrightTax and BTCSoftware’s dual-access database helps you avoid any insecure exporting of critical client documents. This is key to keeping your clients' sensitive information safe and secure from harm’s way.


Same amazing support team

And to make things even better, you’ll be supported by the same UK-based team as BTCSoftware who bring years of experience in tax and compliance to the table.


Get started

Essentially, BrightTax is your new best friend when it comes to managing your clients’ financial data and tax compliance – all in one place. At Bright, we create software for tax, compliance, practice management and payroll, and are on a mission to make a happy and efficient working life a reality for accountants through reliable software and amazing support.


Still not sure about diving in? Check out the links below to learn more about the latest addition to the Bright family.


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