CALLING UK ACCOUNTANTS: Take the Firmcheck survey to help shape AML compliance image

CALLING UK ACCOUNTANTS: Take the Firmcheck survey to help shape AML compliance

For just 10 minutes, please give your honest opinion on AML compliance and you could win 1 of 5 £100 Amazon gift cards!

Posted byFirmcheck
onMonday, 18 December 2023

Firmcheck are running a survey for UK accountants on the future of AML compliance in the accounting industry.

Contribute to an in-depth research report into the current state of AML compliance in accounting firms within the UK.

Take the survey now!

Why bother? 💡

This survey will help the accounting industry understand the state of play when it comes to AML compliance, and the more insights we have, the better we can help move forward in both the education and software landscape 🪪

Some of the emerging findings 💡

🚨 Over 80% of you think AML compliance requirements are too strict for accountants
🌟 50% of you think it's a really important component for maintaining the integrity and trust of your firm
💻 38% aren't using software to help with AML compliance (this one surprised me, I might be biased but there sure are efficiencies to leveraging the technology we have at our fingertips)

P.S. By taking part you'll also be the first to hear the amazing insights from this report, so if you're serious about AML compliance (and spending less time worrying about it, and doing it, then I'm confident this is going to be a big help) 💛

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