Capitalise product update: A peak at our roadmap of new business data coming available image

Capitalise product update: A peak at our roadmap of new business data coming available

More enriched data is being added to Capitalise, for further transparency of your business’ financial health and of the companies you work with.

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onTuesday, 2 January 2024

Whether you're deciding to take on a future partner, assessing the creditworthiness of a new customer, or a contractor seeking new opportunities, having access to complete financial information is the key to informed and strategic decision making. 

That's why we’re adding more enriched data to Capitalise, for further transparency of your business’ financial health and of the companies you work with. 

Here’s a sneak peak of the future releases we have planned for 2024.

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Future releases

Expanded financials from annual accounts

Annual accounts reveal critical information about a business, such as their revenue trends, profitability, and debt levels. Understanding these metrics is essential for assessing a company's stability and future prospects. By having this information at your fingertips, you have everything needed to make a strategic decision regarding a new partnership or customer.

We’re expanding the publicly filed financial statements available on Credit Risk Manager, including their:  

  • Balance Sheet (expanding up to 3 years)

  • Profit & Loss statement (if available)

  • Financial analysis ratios (useful to check key risks)

These insights provide a clear snapshot of a company's financial health. This is essential information when credit checking a prospect, onboarding new clients or deciding on  how much trade credit to extend to a business. All helping ensure you get paid on time for your work.

New company ownership data

Knowing exactly who you're doing business with is an essential way to ensure you’re making well informed decisions. The new company ownership section allows you to identify potential conflicts of interest, assess the credibility of key stakeholders, safeguard against potential fraud and ensure that your business dealings align with your own values and objectives.

With the release of company ownership data, you’ll soon be able to view:

  1. Shareholder details 

  2. Allotted share capital for shareholders

  3. Details of the group structure with parent companies and subsidiaries 

Check out mortgages and charges

If you’re thinking about extending credit to a customer, or want to understand the level of risk associated with working with a company, you’ll need to understand their financial obligations for accurate risk assessment. 

We're adding a new feature that displays mortgages and charges associated with a company to their Business Credit Report. This information provides insights into the assets used as collateral to secure loans, allowing you to gauge the company's level of secured debt. When combined with other financial data available on the Credit Report, it helps you assess their ability to meet their financial obligations and provides a more holistic view of a company's financial health. For example, if you see a company has over-extended debt obligations, it could be a good idea to limit your exposure to them by requiring payment up front.

Tender for new contracts

Having annual accounts, company ownership, mortgages and charges, as well as the existing information already available on your Credit Reports, means they will contain enough information to be used in the tendering process for new contracts. With this information readily available, you can channel your efforts towards securing new contracts for your business, saving time by pulling together accurate data quickly. 

Improvements to Credit Risk Manager

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See the data you want, with fewer clicks

Navigating through a sea of data over multiple platforms can be overwhelming, but an enriched credit reporting system makes it easier than ever. 
With more detailed credit information, company details and financial information all available in one place, the credit checking process is streamlined, saving your business time and effort.

Getting started is easy. Create your free Capitalise for Business account and start monitoring risk from your customers or suppliers. Or you can login to see any updates on your account. 

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