Capium Launches Capium Pay - The New Embedded Payments Solution for Accountants image

Capium Launches Capium Pay - The New Embedded Payments Solution for Accountants

Product Release: Capium Pay - A simple yet powerful embedded payment service.

Posted byCapium
onMonday, 15 May 2023

UK Based Capium, a leading provider of Integrated Accounting Cloud software, is pleased to announce the launch of its new embedded payments solution, Capium Pay.

 Capium Pay is an innovative payments solution that seamlessly integrates with Capium’s suite of Cloud accounting software to provide simple, secure and efficient payment processing for businesses of all sizes. With Capium Pay, businesses can easily process payments, receive funds and reconcile transactions, all from within the Capium EcoSystem.

“Capium Pay is a game changer for Accountants and clients who run businesses which require instant payment,” said Tushir, Co-Founder of Capium. “With this new payments solution, our Accountants will have access to a powerful and convenient tool to manage their payments securely and efficiently. Capium Pay will simplify the payments process and provide a seamless experience for our users, allowing them to focus on growing their Practices, it completely integrates with what they already have.”

Capium Pay offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Quick and easy onboarding process

  • Support for multiple payment methods, supporting most debit cards, credit cards, and open banking.

  • Advanced security features

  • Automated invoice reconciliation, and bank reconciliation for the transactions originating from Capium Pay.

“Capium Pay is the latest addition to our suite of business management software, and we are excited to offer this solution to our customers,” said Patel. “We believe that Capium Pay will be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, providing them with the functionality they need to manage their payments more efficiently and effectively.”

For more information about Capium Pay, please visit Capium’’s website at

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