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citrus HR has had a makeover!

After 7 years citrus HR has had a makeover! Find out all about our new design here:

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Yes, you heard us – the citrus HR redesign has just gone live!

This is huge a huge step for us because our current (and much-loved design) has been around for over 7 years and we’re sad to see it go.

So why did we decide to change it?

Like cars, after a period of time HR Software can start to feel a tiny bit ‘dated’ and not drive as well.

So, we made the decision back in late 2019 to completely revamp our software with the primary goal of making our software even easier to use and navigate.

  1. We achieved this by:

  2. Making it easier for you to find what you’re after

  3. Making it quicker to use – even for people who’ve been using it for years

  4. Decluttering screens

  5. Ensuring important information is more prominent

  6. Using a much wider screen

As well as this, a strong secondary goal was to make the software more personal so that it can help you and your teams feel connected when working away from the office.

This is why we’ve added:

  1. Personal staff ‘call signs’ for you and your teams

  2. Option to add extra personal details within an employee file

Huge thank you to all the customers and partners who gave us feedback at all stages of this redesign project. We couldn’t have done it without you!

About citrus HR

citrus HR provides powerful time-saving HR Software and payroll to over 1000 small businesses across the UK.

If you want to see our new improved HR Software in action, email our friendly Partnerships Manager Zoë an email at for a personalised demo.

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