December 2022 updates from Aurelia image

December 2022 updates from Aurelia


We have recently increased the tempo even more to release more and better features that will help you automate e-commerce accounting for good. The past month has brought some new integrations, changes to how you can re-run failed workflows, as well as improvements to the detailed view of the workflow runs.

QuickBooks integration

Yet another accounting software has been added to the package of integrations served by our Workflows. Apart from Xero and MeritAktiva, QuickBooks can now be connected to Aurelia to automate bookkeeping for Shopify, and most importantly, WooCommerce stores that are not served by the QuickBooks to Shopify connector. And better yet, we will be adding other online merchants like Amazon and eBay soon!

As a Quickbooks user, you can now serve multiple e-commerce businesses, regardless of the setup. This means more opportunity for growth for both you and your clients as you will no longer be limited by the software you can use.

Workflow execution details and re-running failed workflows

Accountants are detailed-oriented people, we know it. Sometimes knowing that a workflow has ran successfully is not enough – you want to know exactly what was mapped & done and how. We now display a detailed breakdown of each workflow run – and yes, it will also give you details if the workflow fails so you can easily identify what went wrong and fix it.

With that in mind, we also made it simple to re-run those failed workflows. Regardless of whether it was Xero outage or an oversight, fixing mistakes will mean extra work and more often than not, you won’t notice there was a problem until it’s too late! With Aurelia you can now re-run all failed workflows with a click of a button so no manual corrections will be needed.

Multiple document upload per transaction

Ideally, all receipts would be a PDF, or yet better, an e-invoice, but more than half of the time, it’s a screenshot or a photo of a paper receipt. If that’s the case then often all information doesn’t fit in one picture so you end up struggling to upload the right evidence to the transaction. It’s a small thing but can get really frustrating and that’s why we now allow for multiple documents to be uploaded to one transaction. Pick a transaction and add as many pictures, screenshots and PDFs as you want.

More coming soon

Our release schedule is looking busy. We are adding new online merchant and simplifying the set-up so it can be virtually plug-and-play. Finally, we are building another solution to handle invoice and receipts management, so keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Website for announcements! Alternatively you can subscribe to our newsletter here and be the first one to know about upcoming releases, webinars and special offers.

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