Dext Precision: Feature Updates to Improve Your Experience image

Dext Precision: Feature Updates to Improve Your Experience

The latest Dext Precision update isn’t just a facelift — it’s a thoughtful restructuring of the Information Architecture (IA), intended to streamline your experience and align it more closely with how your workflows function in real life.

onThursday, 14 December 2023

Dext Precision has unveiled a recent update, effective 14th December 2023, aimed at improving user experience and aligning the platform with real-life workflows. Driven by feedback from global partners, the update focuses on simplifying feature access and intuitive navigation.

The redesigned interface logically organises features, saving time and facilitating quick onboarding for new team members. Feature names have been made more user-friendly for easy identification.

Notable changes include merging 'Focus' and 'Flows' into a unified 'Workflows' section, consolidating Precision Dashboards, and reorganising features into Cleanup, Business Insights, Custom Reports, Tax, and Historical Activity.

Dext emphasises that the update lays the groundwork for future enhancements. Users are encouraged to explore the changes and provide feedback on UserVoice to contribute to continuous improvement.

For more details, users can visit the Help Centre. Dext expresses gratitude to the community and hints at more updates to come.

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