Dext Prepare releases milestone ‘Original Email Trail’ feature image

Dext Prepare releases milestone ‘Original Email Trail’ feature

The 'Original Email Trail' feature simplifies transaction coding by providing direct access to email text, enhancing clarity and efficiency in workflow.

Posted byDext Prepare
onTuesday, 5 March 2024

The newly launched 'Original Email Trail' feature from Dext aims to streamline workflows by granting direct access to email text from submissions made via the 'email-in' document method. Following feedback from the in-app UserVoice platform, this launch promises to keep track of details previously lost.

Its purpose is clarity and convenience, enabling a deeper understanding of transactional context without manual interpretation or extensive client communication. Dext’s goal is to simplify transaction coding processes, facilitating swift, confident and precise coding for accounting teams.

Finding the Feature

For those keen on integrating this feature into their workflow, you can easily access the 'Original Email Trail' under the new 'Email' tab, between the 'Details' and 'Messages' sections, beside the item image.

Insights from Testing

The development of the 'Original Email Trail' feature was refined through rigorous beta testing, where valuable feedback from dedicated users was invaluable. Accountants and bookkeepers highlighted several key applications for this feature, including:

  • Expense Tracking: Quickly discern expense contexts such as team lunches versus client entertainment from email details.

  • Apportionment: Clarify personal payments associated with business expenses through direct email guidance.

  • Re-billable Expenses: Seamlessly link expenses to specific projects or clients using email-provided details.

  • Project Allocation: Utilise email information for precise cost distribution across various projects.

  • Accruals/Pre-payment: Gain insights into transaction timing for goods through email confirmations.

Audit Support: Easily access email context to facilitate efficient cooperation during investigations and audits.

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