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Employment Law Changes to look out for in 2022

The employment law could affect your small business in 2022 and a heads up about other possible changes that might be coming your way soon.

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2021 has been another very difficult year for HR issues in your smaller business, especially with the new norm of lockdowns, self-isolation, working from home, and furlough.

2022 looks set to be another challenging year as we continue to deal with the effects of Covid-19 and increasingly adapt to new ways of working.  Add to this the uncertainty about whether a number of government planned changes to employment law will get the space to happen in 2022, and you can be forgiven for feeling weary of it all!

Here at citrus HR, we continue to help our customers with regularly updated support and advice on HR changes and challenges.  We’ve produced this handy guide to the highlights of what we know will definitely change in 2022, and a heads up about other possible changes that might be coming your way soon. We’ve also highlighted some key changes caused by the effects of the pandemic.

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What’s definitely changing…

1 – Increases to minimum wage and statutory pay rates

2 – Increases to National Insurance Contributions

3 – Increased support for skills training and apprenticeships

4 – Scale-up visas for fast growing companies to bring in highly skilled talent from abroad

5 – Mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for NHS staff performing regulated activities

6 – Changes to right to work checks after the expiry of temporary remote checks introduced because of Covid-19

7 – Changes to bank holidays in May and June for the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

What could well change in 2022…

8 – One week’s additional unpaid leave entitlement per year for carers

9 – Making flexible working the default position

10 – A new right for workers to receive their tips in full

11 – A new legal duty for employers to protect workers from harassment

12 – Possible changes to the UK data privacy regime post Brexit

13 – Possible changes to holiday pay calculations for part-year workers

Less likely possibilities to change in 2022…

14 – Extended redundancy protection if you are pregnant or on maternity leave

15 – Allowing parents to take extended leave for neonatal care

16 – The right for workers to request a more ‘predictable’ contract

17 – A new, single enforcement body for employment rights

18 – Greater clarity on the different status of workers and the self-employed

19 – New rules on post termination non-compete clauses

Changes related to Covid-19…

20 – How to bed in new hybrid working arrangements

21 – Guidance on Fire and Re-hire practices

22 – Long Covid as a potential disability


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