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Fathom QuickBooks Online Integration

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Fathom has a good integration with QuickBooks Online, bringing through the data every day automatically. Intuit chose Fathom to be the exclusive reporting app for the QBO advanced offering in the US.


Fathom works with all QuickBooks Online versions, and comes free of charge with any US users who upgrade to QuickBooks Online Advanced. Most countries are compatible with Fathom, with the primary exception being QuickBooks Online France.

Initial data sync

You can select the period range of data that you wish to retrieve from QBO – the periods that you wish to analyse and report on using Fathom.

Ongoing data sync

At anytime you can manually re-sync the data in Fathom.

You can also choose to enable ‘auto-sync’, which will automatically update your data from QuickBooks each day, to the nearest completed month.

Chart of accounts

The Chart of Accounts will be imported into Fathom. You then have flexibility to re-order and re-classify accounts, as well as create custom sub-headings and account groupings for reporting purposes. If you have multiple entities, you can also copy these custom configuration settings across to other entities.

Transaction data

Fathom does not pull in individual transaction data, just account totals.

Customers & Suppliers

Fathom does not import customer or project data.

Fathom does not import supplier data.

Classes & Location Tracking

Fathom allows you to import class and location data for up to 60 classes. You can choose to import classes during the import process, and you can also import classes for companies that are already present in the platform.

Once imported, you can view this data in various charts and tables, including side-by-side financials and Fathom’s Breakdown Tool.


You can add a budget directly from QBO to a company with financials sourced from QBO. While you can create multiple budgets in QBO, Fathom allows one budget to be connected at a time.

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