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onMonday, 15 May 2023

One of things that we love here at Farscape is spotting a problem that customers might be experiencing and then putting a new tool in place to take that problem away. I mean, that’s the reason for having tools like nettTracker isn’t it - to make life easier!!

The normal way this works is quite simple really. Ash will tell me that someone has raised a support ticket because they couldn’t do something. I’ll take a look, do my best to bat it away because we’re too busy building some wonderful new feature, before reluctantly accepting that it actually makes a lot of sense to build a tool for everyone, at which point we park what we’re doing and build the tool!!

In reality, these normally start as support tools and once we’re happy they are robust enough, we will introduce them into the primary nettTracker application for everyone to use. This is a great way to ensure we don’t drop code into the melting pot that hasn’t really been tested for as long as it should. And because we are a small team, we can be very agile in how we do stuff - quickly changing focus to complete a specific task before returning to long-term projects.

In the last couple of weeks, we have done exactly this.

Firstly, we introduced a new tool that allow users to change the length of the current financial year. This normally comes about when a previous year is closed but the default has been accepted without awareness of changes within the company that mean the year needs to be an unusual length. Changing this was an absolute nightmare for the support teams!!

This week we have released a second useful tool for users who are learning how to use nettTracker and, perhaps after some exploration, realise that they want to reset and start again - maybe removing everything or keeping some of the configuration work they have done. The new ‘Company Reset’ feature means users can do exactly that, as well as changing the dates that nettTracker starts processing - another common support question.

In the pipeline we have some other great tools, including a processing rewind, that will allow users to move their companies back in time if they have processed a period by mistake.

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