FreeAgent's new Client Engager integration is coming image

FreeAgent's new Client Engager integration is coming

FreeAgent will integrate with Client Engager on May 27th to streamline workflows for accountants and bookkeepers.

Posted byFreeAgent
onWednesday 15 May 2024

FreeAgent has announced an upcoming integration with Client Engager, a practice management software tailored for accountants and bookkeepers, set to launch on 27th May. This integration will enable the syncing of contacts, invoices, and other data between the two platforms, saving time and reducing errors for practices.

A Collaborative Future

FreeAgent and Client Engager see this integration as the beginning of a broader partnership, aiming to introduce more innovative task management features. Johan Goree, co-founder of Client Engager, emphasized the goal of empowering accountants and bookkeepers by streamlining workflows and enhancing client engagement through this partnership. He highlighted the shared commitment to innovation and the close working relationship between the companies as key factors in delivering an enhanced integration that simplifies tasks and centralizes client management.

Stewart Hurd, Chief Sales Officer at FreeAgent, expressed excitement about the partnership, noting that it will significantly improve client admin management for their accountancy and bookkeeping partners. He praised Client Engager as a leading name in the practice software space and anticipated that the integration would become increasingly sophisticated, offering even greater benefits in the future.

Get Started

To utilize this new feature, users can start with a free trial of FreeAgent accounting software and then connect their Practice Dashboard to Client Engager. More information about Client Engager can be found on their website.

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