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Oversuite™ is a suite of smart engagement letters that evolve with regulatory changes & auto-update in GoProposal for you, enabling you to meet the highest levels of risk and compliance standards.

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Oversuite™ is a suite of smart engagement letters that evolve with regulatory changes & auto-update in GoProposal for you, enabling you to meet the highest levels of risk and compliance standards.

Oversuite™ is available to GoProposal customers for £37p/m + £8p/m for the Charities Add On.

Here are some of the features, as well as a full demo:

Expertly Crafted

GoProposal is working with the UK’s leading experts on professional ethics and regulatory compliance, Valerie Stewart and Ian Waters.

Key Dates

An integral element of Oversuite™ is Key Dates. Key dates are the dates you intend to start the work for different services, the deadline for all information to be sent over you and the time limit for completion of that work.

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Read more about Key Dates.

Additional Signatures

It is now possible to get additional signatures for a proposal.

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The setup Wizard will guide you through questions about your practice to help setup OverSuite™, with sections including:

  • Company information

  • People

  • Professional Bodies

  • Investment Services

  • Consumer Credit Services

  • Audit Services

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Data Protection

  • Money & Commission

  • Complaints

  • Policies

Answering these should be straight forward, and the detail will be used as part of your engagement letters.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions will be built out in accordance with your professional body and the services that you have selected. These will auto-update following your approval.

You are able to add to and amend paragraphs, however this will mean that any updates cannot be applied unless you revert back to the template (you will receive a warning and notification for updates).

Privacy Notice

A template privacy notice will be included relating to your holding of personal information.

Engagement Letters

You can use template engagement letters, including:

  • Sole Trader

  • Limited Company (Audit/Non-Audit)

  • LLP (Audit/Non-Audit)

  • Charity (Audit/Independent Examination/Accounts Preparation) (Add on – £8p/m)
    Compiles engagement letter from 504 possibilities based on the:

    • Engagement type

    • Charity type

    • Charity registered with

    • Primary registration

    • Accounts preparation basis

    • Statutory auditor

    • Reason for audit

  • Individual

  • Solicitors Accountants Report

  • Trusts

In the same way that the terms and conditions work, these will auto-update, and you can amend them.

Key People

These are the Key People whose details and signatures you may want to select to appear in the Engagement Letter, such as Directors, Partners, Principals and Auditors.

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Letterhead Components

Set your professional body legend, list of key people, and letterhead footer text, and they will pull through into the engagement letter.

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Service Schedules

The OverSuite™ Standard Pack contains over 30 smart service schedules, outlining both your and your client’s key responsibilities, and which we are always updated for you to meet changing regulations. These also come pre-loaded with GoProposal, along with wizard-generated services and pricing.

Amendable template service schedules for:

  • EMI

  • R&D

  • Payroll CIS

  • Date processor agreement for payroll

  • Annual budgets

  • Audit

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Business valuation

  • Cash flow forecasts

  • Checking and posting purchase invoices

  • Company formation

  • Confirmation statement

  • Corp tax

  • Credit Control

  • Financial forecasts

  • Grant claim

  • Independent examination

  • Individual tax returns

  • Loyalty bonus

  • Management accounts

  • Non-audit

  • Paying staff salaries and expenses

  • Payroll fixed salary

  • Payroll variable salary

  • Preparation of P11ds

  • Provision of reg office services

  • Raising and sending invoices

  • Software and subscriptions

  • Supplier payments and relations

  • Systems audit

  • Tax planning

  • Tax return

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