How CitrusHR have supported customers with new Coronavirus features image

How CitrusHR have supported customers with new Coronavirus features

Guest blog from David Lester Co-Founder and MD, CitrusHR.


This is a guest blog from David Lester Co-Founder and MD, CitrusHR.

Here’s a brief summary of what we’ve done so far to help our customers get through Coronavirus:

  1. More friendly, expert advice over the phone than ever!

  2. Our in-house legal team has published legal updates as fast as humanly possible with each new change introduced by the Government

  3. Our HR team have published great advice about how best to manage staff through these tough times

  4. New software features have been added to help you track new issues

  5. We’ve pitched the need for partial furlough support to Government and their key advisors the TUC and CBI

And our message is clear – we’re here for you and are working harder than ever to help you get through this.

We don’t just want your company to survive, we want to help you be in the best possible position to come out of this strongly in due course.

Specifics we’ve added in the last month for our HR support service include:

  • Coronavirus FAQ’s: This document answers most employment questions our customers have had, and is updated daily by our legal team as things change.

  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: A detailed guide answering our customers’ FAQ’s on the Furlough scheme and how to claim money back.

  • Coronavirus workplace strategies to consider: A guide with advice on how to manage staff in these special times.

  • Coronavirus stay at home rules: This document includes all the details our customers need to know to stay safe during the Government’s lockdown.

  • Self-Employment Income Support Scheme: A guide on the Government’s new package of support for the self-employed.

  • An Online Petition:

We’ve also been working hard on creating new Coronavirus features within our software, like our:

  • Furlough grant report: A nifty report makes it simple to collate all the data you need to be able to claim the grant on HMRC’s new portal.

  • Self-Isolation tracker: A simple tool to track who’s self-isolating with easy export to help you claim SSP back when the Government scheme is ready.

  • Furlough tracker: We’ve added Furloughs as a new Absence type so you can track who’s where, when. We will link this to Payroll Reporting next to save you hours.

  • Furlough letters: Creating the letters you need to help with furloughing staff.

  • COVID-19 tracking: We’ve added COVID-19 as a new sickness type so you can keep your records up to date, with reports letting you calculate the direct staff cost of this to your company.

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