How to Become Data-Driven and Close Your Business Blindspots image

How to Become Data-Driven and Close Your Business Blindspots


In challenging business conditions, knowing your data is the one thing that helps you make sustainable decisions. But with so much data available, how can you cut through the noise and identify the information that counts? Once you have these insights, how are you going to make it actionable and measure the results?

In this webinar, Matthew Peng, Product Evangelist at Scoro and Will Farnell, Founder of award-winning technology focused accountancy practice Farnell Clarke discuss the topic of business performance and:

  • The process of becoming a data-driven business

  • What information your business should be collecting, measuring and interpreting to make informed decisions

  • Key metrics your competition may be using and how you can make this data work for your business

  • A real world example of transition covering people, process and technology

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