Introducing live currency exchange rates for consolidated reports image

Introducing live currency exchange rates for consolidated reports

With G-Accon’s consolidated reports, Xero and QuickBooks users can easily combine data from multiple sources

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With G-Accon’s consolidated reports, Xero and QuickBooks users can easily combine data from multiple sources to create insightful overviews of your business’ performance.

But that is not all! G-Accon is revolutionizing the way international business reporting is done with its groundbreaking live currency exchange rates for consolidated reports. Streamlining complex operations, customers now have an invaluable tool at their disposal to easily manipulate multiple currencies – redefining global finance as we know it!

Say goodbye to the tedious process of manual currency conversion

Prior to now, Xero and QuickBooks users had two options for creating a unified multi-currency report: laboriously tracking conversion rates manually or leveraging the Google Sheets formula to attain current exchange values from Google Currency Converter.

The process of accounting is about to change with G-Accon Built-in currency converter

G-Accon has released an exciting new feature for Xero and QuickBooks users – Live Currency Exchange Rates inside Consolidated Reports. With this powerful tool, accounting processes are streamlined and simplified like never before! Main advantages:

  • Now users can create a consolidated report which includes data from multiple currencies;

  • With automation, users can effortlessly acquire currency rates for all the currencies;

  • With report creation, users can select the exact date they need and rest assured that current exchange rates will be implemented in their results;

  • Easily manipulate rates by utilizing the convenient manual setup option.

Just 4 easy steps to use automatic rates and save hours on multi currency reports

Let’s assume you need to generate the consolidated report in Euro based on the January 19, 2022 currency exchange rate. So start generating consolidated report (hyperlink on the very first steps) and then:

Step 1 Select a Multi-Currency Converter.

Step 2 Choose the report currency by clicking on the radio buttons.

Step 3 Choose either “Use Latest Rate”, “Use Custom Rates”, or “Use Custom Rates for Periods” radio buttons to request the current exchange rate from the currency exchange rate provider or to set up your own custom exchange rates.

Step 4 Generate the consolidated report by clicking on the “Execute” button.

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Select “Use Latest Rate” and click “Execute”, you will get the consolidation report generated based on the latest available exchange rate from the exchange rate provider. Great benefit: Every time you refresh this report, the latest exchange rate will be used.

Choose “Use Custom Rates” or “Use Custom Rates for Periods” to enter the desired date, and make a decision to either obtain the exchange rate directly from the exchange rate provider or generate a separate tab with the exchange rates for multiple currencies. This additional feature allows you to manually modify any exchange rate values and use them while generating the report.

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Unlock the potential of your financial data with this tutorial video, providing you an in-depth look into how to easily set up and generate multi-currency consolidated reports. Empower yourself today!

G-Accon will streamline your multi-entity and multi-currency consolidation process

To help domestic and international businesses achieve more efficient reporting, our team has developed an integrated currency converter. We welcome ideas and feedback from users, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments – our support staff are standing by ready to assist you!


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