New updates announced for Dext Solo image

New updates announced for Dext Solo

Dext Solo, a digital record-keeping solution for sole traders and small landlords, has announced significant updates including seamless migration flows, custom category management, and new summary and tax reporting features, with upcoming enhancements including property tax reporting, error flagging, and tax software integrations.

Posted byDext Prepare
onThursday 2 November 2023

Dext has announced significant updates to Dext Solo, a digital record-keeping solution specifically tailored for sole traders, small landlords, and the professionals serving them. The recent enhancements aim to streamline business operations and provide valuable insights for users and their advisors. For those unfamiliar with Dext Solo, it is designed to simplify various tasks such as transaction management, data analysis, and informed decision-making.

Highlights of Dext Solo:

  • Empowers users and advisors with simplified business operations.

  • Ensures up-to-date data for sole traders and landlords.

  • Provides powerful tools and insights for accountants and bookkeepers.

Recent Updates to Dext Solo:

  • Introduces a seamless workflow to migrate businesses from Dext Prepare to Dext Solo effortlessly.

  • Offers custom category creation, mapping, and management without losing any previous custom codes and rules.

  • Enables deep financial data analysis with the new Summary and Tax Reporting features.

Key Features of Dext Solo:

  • Simplifies the process of defining the proportion of a transaction for summary and tax transaction totals.

  • Enables easy management of transactions related to individual properties.

  • Provides insights into upcoming features and improvements.

Upcoming Features for Dext Solo:

Before the end of 2023:

  • Tax Reports for SA105 Form for Self Assessment.

  • Property income users will have access to tax reporting features for the SA105 tax boxes.

Coming in Q1 2024:

  • Error & Duplicate Transaction Flagging to ensure data accuracy.

  • Tax Software Integrations to streamline tax workflows with API level integrations.

  • Transaction Lists for Each Tax Box Total for in-depth financial data analysis.

Additionally, the Dext Solo team encourages engagement from the community and offers support through webinars and account managers. For more information and to stay updated on the latest developments, users are invited to register for the Dext Solo Webinar Series.

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