Introducing IRIS ParentMail: 5 features to be aware of from IRIS Elements image

Introducing IRIS ParentMail: 5 features to be aware of from IRIS Elements

New update from IRIS Elements on the new school/parent communication product, IRIS ParentMail.

onFriday, 27 October 2023

Product update on IRIS ParentMail from IRIS Elements

Establishing a robust connection with parents and caregivers is essential for the academic achievement of students. Nevertheless, due to the escalation in absence rates, persistent challenges in recruitment, and stringent budgets, schools often overlook parent engagement, leading to a lack of involvement.

But what if enhancing parent engagement could be made simple and efficient?

Introducing IRIS ParentMail, our advanced cloud-based tool for parent communications, which has gained the trust of over 4,000 schools in the UK.

Here are five ways IRIS ParentMail can revolutionize your work:

1. Tailored Features in One Place

The customizable interface of IRIS ParentMail caters to your specific requirements. All its rich features are easily accessible in a central location, allowing parents to stay informed about the latest news, payments, one-on-one meetings, school trips, and more, with just a tap. Furthermore, through push notifications, emails, and SMS, IRIS ParentMail ensures that messages never go unnoticed.

2. Economize with Economy Mode

During financially challenging times, conserving SMS credits is crucial for schools. With IRIS ParentMail's Economy Mode, texts are automatically sent as push notifications or emails to parents who have enabled them, safeguarding your SMS credit balance from unnecessary expenses. Moreover, the platform facilitates the creation of online forms and digital newsletters, eliminating the need for paper and reducing printing costs.

3. Seamless Integration

We understand the complexities of onboarding. Designed to seamlessly integrate with leading MIS providers, IRIS ParentMail simplifies the parent onboarding process and enables targeted communications to specific groups. The integrated cashless catering system ensures a hassle-free experience for parents, allowing them to make payments and manage food preferences directly from the app.

4. Empower with Data Insights

Access to accurate data is crucial for school improvement. IRIS ParentMail provides comprehensive insights into crucial metrics, such as message engagement, payment submissions, form completions, and parent-teacher meeting bookings. Visual reports make it easy to identify trends and patterns in parent engagement, allowing you to make informed decisions for the school's betterment.

5. Streamline Administrative Tasks

Say goodbye to laborious administrative tasks with IRIS ParentMail. Automate tedious responsibilities such as payment collection and reminders, and focus your energy on more critical tasks. The platform allows the creation of standardized messages and templates for repetitive tasks, saving valuable time and effort.

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