Joiin campaign targets solutions to common consolidated reporting headaches image

Joiin campaign targets solutions to common consolidated reporting headaches

Joiin’s latest campaign breaks down five common consolidated reporting headaches you might be experiencing and provides solutions. Find out more in the latest blog from App Advisory Plus partner, Joiin.

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At Joiin, we work with accountants and practices to understand the pressures and pain points when you’re up against the clock with deadlines like month-end or client reporting.

Our latest campaign addresses some of the sticking points and provides solutions to the common consolidated reporting headaches you might be experiencing.

Here we run through some of the benefits of our consolidated reporting platform.

Save time

At Joiin, we often hear people say: “it takes hours to generate consolidated group reports” when manually working with complicated spreadsheets.

Yet new platforms like Joiin offer simple integrations to connect your cloud accounting software in minutes, consolidate complex multi-entity data straight away, and run time-saving off-the-shelf consolidated reports for all manner of things, such as profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow, KPIs and trial balance.

Less time consolidating with spreadsheets frees up more valuable time with your clients.

Remove errors

Not only can spreadsheets be time-consuming, but there’s way too much room for error.

At Joiin, our platform’s automations are ready-made to remove errors and speed up the entire consolidated reporting process. Rich reporting features help you create real-time reports, automatic conversions simplify reporting across different currencies, and straightforward filtering eliminates the information you don’t need.

The result: accurate reports for entities in a group are much easier to run.

Collaborate better

Modern platforms should let you collaborate easily and share reports seamlessly.

Our platform turns the traditionally siloed spreadsheet into a centralised, shared report. You can invite others to view and collaborate wherever they’re working while always staying in control of access and permissions.

Working more efficiently with your team and better including clients is here to stay.

Make fast, accurate decisions

At times we all need a report there and then, which lets you quickly grasp the figures and make fast, accurate decisions.

Joiin’s Report Packs means you can run and package up reports whenever you need to, pulling in relevant data, applying filters and visualising finances to deliver an up-to-the-minute picture of group finances.

Report Packs are your fast and flexible way to create group reports dynamically.

Affordable, simple to use, with great support

While a new platform might feel like it could be too expensive and complex to implement, our cloud and software-as-a-service model vastly reduces costs and makes it easier for us to deliver our platform.

Our pricing starts at £9/month, based on the number of companies uploaded to Joiin. You get all our features, limitless users and benefit from friendly support to get you up and running and on track.

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