Joiin Introduces New Affiliate Partner Programme in Collaboration with Reditus image

Joiin Introduces New Affiliate Partner Programme in Collaboration with Reditus

Financial reporting platform, Joiin, expands collaborative opportunities for global affiliates

Posted byJoiin
onTuesday 21 November 2023

Joiin, a key player in the consolidated financial reporting sector, announces the launch of its affiliate partner programme in partnership with Reditus. This strategic initiative reflects Joiin's ongoing commitment to organic growth within the Fintech and cloud accounting sectors, aiming to establish connections with partners on a global scale.

Key Features of Joiin’s Affiliate Partner Programme:

  1. Conversion Rates: Joiin demonstrates a noteworthy 33% conversion rate from free trial to paid subscription, showcasing its effectiveness in engaging users.

  2. Subscription Dynamics: Annual subscriptions constitute a substantial 56% of paid sign-ups, emphasizing the platform's appeal for users seeking long-term commitments.

  3. Renewal Metrics: A commendable 96% of existing annual users choose to renew their subscriptions with Joiin, indicating a high level of user satisfaction.

  4. Onboarding Efficiency: Utilizing single sign-on integrations with major cloud accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks Online, Joiin ensures a streamlined onboarding process for users, delivering prompt value.

  5. Time to Value: According to a recent survey, users report experiencing immediate value within an average of seven minutes during onboarding, often in the form of generating a first off-the-shelf report.

  6. User-Friendly Interface: With a user-friendly interface, 94% of Joiin users navigate the platform independently, reducing the need for external support.

  7. Cost-Effective Model: Leveraging self-service onboarding and an intuitive interface, Joiin minimizes the need for extensive sales, onboarding, and training layers, promoting cost-efficiency and encouraging high adoption and renewal rates.

Commenting on the launch of the affiliate partner programme, Joiin's Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Shipway, stated:

“I’m pleased to announce the introduction of our affiliate partner programme. Collaborating with Reditus is a strategic move that allows us to broaden our affiliate network. For potential affiliates seeking to build referrals with us, we offer a committed partnership with solid conversion rates and an appealing platform that has shown substantial organic growth."

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