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Karbon provide 24/7 support via web form, email, and live chat.

They also have a wealth of online training resources in their help centre, including  fundamentals training, as well as video tutorials.

If you want additional support then Karbon offer additional packages covering data migration, setup and staff training.

You can also become a certified Karbon Expert.

We asked Andi Anchetta, VP Customer Success, Karbon, about their onboarding, training & support

“We can personalise any service to suit the unique needs of any accounting firm, to ensure Karbon adoption is a success. We have a team of very experienced experts, averaging more than 15 years of experience in the accounting industry.

One of our unique, but extremely popular, services that we provide include process optimisation, where we help to map and define a firm’s common processes, optimise them and build them out into Karbon templates. We also have a vast library of region-specific best-practice templates, which are available for any firm to have uploaded directly into their Karbon account.

At Karbon, we know that implementing any new system will bring challenges for an accounting firm. So, we take great pride and care in our onboarding, training and support and do everything we can to ensure a new customer can introduce Karbon quickly and painlessly. Our Services & Training department has a world-class Net Promoter Score of 68, which is a testament to this.” – Andi Anchetta, VP Customer Success

Setup & Migration

Do you provide setup or migration services (excluding training)?

Yes, we provide a range of onboarding and data migration services to help new accounting firms get set up on Karbon quickly and painlessly. These range from free, self-serve options, to a premium white-glove service where our expert team takes care of all migration, error resolution, process building, and setup.

What do you setup?

Our setup services cover complete data migration of clients, practice settings, process templates and work items, as well as an assisted practice setup and process building to optimise Karbon for a new practice. When combined with our customer training, this gives a new team of users everything they need to quickly become Karbon power users and start seeing value.

Do you provide templates in Excel ?

Yes, we have several different Excel templates that outline all information that can be imported into Karbon from different systems, which a customer can populate and upload themselves.

What systems do you offer migrations from?

We can provide data migrations from all major systems used by accounting firms in the UK and globally. These include:

CCH iFirm, Sage, Xero/XPM, QBO, QuickBooks Desktop, OfficeTools, Senta, Accountancy Manager, Monday.com and Asana.

Is there a setup/migration cost?

We offer a free service that allows firms to serve themselves, and also premium paid services where our team of experts review all data, resolve errors, and optimize Karbon to suit the unique attributes of an accounting firm.

For those who prefer to pick and choose, we have a full selection of individual services available at https://karbonhq.com/services/

Staff Training

Do you provide staff training? (provide details if applicable)

Yes, we have a dedicated onboarding and customer success team that ensures any practice can transition to Karbon in the shortest possible time. Our full set of training options include one-on-one training, live team sessions, advanced training, ongoing quarterly sessions, and role-based concept training outlining advanced concepts for specialists including Sales, Onboarding, Managers, Administrators and Partners.

How many sessions?

The number of sessions depends on the type of training, but usually ranges between 1-3 sessions.

How long are the sessions?

Typically 30-60 minutes.

Are they online or in person?

The vast majority of our training is run live and online, however we do provide in-person training on-request.

How many staff can attend?

There is no limit for our group training sessions, however some sessions (eg. ‘train the trainer’) are best suited to one person. For large firm team trainings, we recommend breaking up into smaller groups (ideally less <15 per session).

Is there a cost involved?

We have free training available, such as our “Getting Started & Onboarding” sessions available to all new customers, as well as personalized training packages, which have a cost involved.

Do you have UK trainers / UK training hours?

Yes we have UK implementation and support. 

Ongoing Support

Are all support channels available on all plans?

Yes. Email support is available on all plans, and in-app chat is included with our most common plans. Our in-app chat is available 24/7 and has an average response time of less than 20 minutes.

Do you get an account manager and what is their role?

Firms who purchase our Full-Service Onboarding Package or Enterprise Platform Implementation Plan are all assigned a dedicated account manager. Our Account Managers are available to provide on-demand answers, extra training and ongoing support.

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