Karbon renews Gold partnership with App Advisory Plus image

Karbon renews Gold partnership with App Advisory Plus

Practice management software Karbon renews Gold partnership with App Advisory Plus!

Posted byKarbon
onMonday, 8 January 2024

In a strategic move, Karbon has extended its Gold partnership with App Advisory Plus, the UK's leading independent App directory. This renewal will not only extend both companies’ commitment to advancing collaborative efforts but will also offer enriched experiences for accountants, bookkeepers and businesses. 

As part of this renewed commitment, Karbon users can expect exclusive webinars, collaborative events, and a spotlight within the App Advisory Plus directory. This prime positioning ensures easy access to Karbon's innovative tools, providing users with a competitive edge in their financial workflows. 

Karbon's practice management software offers features tailored to diverse accounting needs, optimising efficiency and enhancing the client experience. The Gold partnership promises curated webinars, shedding light on updates, best practices, and real-world applications of Karbon's platform. 

Collaborative events and online panels will create a platform for Karbon users to engage directly with experts, fostering community and collaboration within the accounting and bookkeeping sphere. 

The Gold partnership renewal reflects a shared vision to empower professionals with innovative tools, shaping the future of accounting technology. As the collaboration unfolds, App Advisory Plus users can expect more news, features and thought leadership from Karbon via our newsletter, website and social media, unlocking even greater opportunities in the digital realm of financial management. 

"Just over 9 years ago in December 2015 I attended a roundtable event at a rather nice restaurant in London and learned a bit about a new Practice Management solution coming to market that later became Karbon.

At the time at Farnell Clarke Limited we had started to build our own solution but I was fascinated with the foundations of Karbon. It took a while but last year, having followed the progress the Karbon team had made, we finally rolled it out as our firms PM solution.

At App Advisory Plus we have really valued the support of the Karbon team since we launched AAP back in December 2019, the team have been ever present and we are delighted that they have joined us for a second year as a Gold Partner. The guys at Karbon continue to produce first class global content and we are really excited to share that with our audience as well as creating our own content with the team throughout 2024!

Huge thanks to Ian Vacin, Mary Delaney, Lachlan Macindoe, Rowan Van Tromp ACCA and the rest of the team for the ongoing support!"

Will Farnell, Co-Founder of App Advisory Plus and Founder & Director of Farnell Clarke Limited

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