Karbon’s 2021 roadmap exclusive preview image

Karbon’s 2021 roadmap exclusive preview

Join Andi, Lachlan and Sara from Karbon for their exclusive 2021 roadmap preview.

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Highlights include:

  • (Q1 2021) Granular search functionality including new search filters to help you find what you need quicker

  • (Q1/2 2021) A new Organiser tab to help you understand and prioritise your work

  • (Q1/2 2021) Calendar integration to the Organiser tab with individual daily or weekly views, allowing you to block out time for doing work and meaning you no longer have to leave Karbon to understand and accept meeting invites.

  • (Q3/4 2021) Team planner, allowing you to see team overall team capacity and committed time, with breakdown for team members. You can also allocate work from a queue.

  • Start/stop time clock for tracking time as you do work

  • Schedule send an email

In addition, smaller feature releases will continue to happen alongside these major releases. Karbon are listening to feedback on these features so get in touch with them.

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