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Multi-client – your vital client management tool

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Joiin’s multi-client feature lets you manage multiple distinct clients under one subscription. Watch the short explainer video here, and read more in the blog below by Harry Symons of Joiin.

What is the Joiin multi-client feature?

Specifically created for accountants and advisors, our multi-client feature is an ideal client management tool for those who want to manage multiple, distinct clients under their one Joiin subscription.

With multi-client enabled, the feature means you can split your Joiin subscription into multiple ecosystems – one for each client.

Each client area can be accessed separately, and you can also quickly switch between client areas on-screen.

Within the feature, a client is a distinct grouping of connected companies and their associated users, customised reports, report packs, and budgets, as well as other configured data such as exchange rates.

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A quick look at ‘clients’ and ‘teammates’

As shown above, our Joiin multi-client feature supports practice management, helping you manage clients and colleagues more effectively and efficiently.

Within multi-client you can assign access to ‘clients’ and ‘teammates’:

  • Teammates (the people within your accounting firm) are users who have access to all the clients across your Joiin subscription. They have full control to perform any action across all clients. You can view, add and remove teammates as you see fit.

  • With Clients, a list of all these under your Joiin subscription will be shown, along with the number of companies they currently have connected. You can view, add, remove and switch between clients

Why is client management crucial to accounting firms?

Keeping your clients involved and updated is critical to successful client relationships, with open lines of communication a must when managing client expectations.

It’s essential to have bridging mechanisms in place between your accounting firm and your clients so that they can see first-hand all the hard work being done behind the scenes by your team.

With our multi-client feature enabled, your clients can access and see data and reports in a secure area accessible only to them and you. It means not only can you house all a client’s companies on our platform, but multi-client means you can now give clients access to a private area within Joiin. It is a tool to aid client conversations and encourage continuous communication. And we all know when there’s a smooth-running practice your clients get a better service.

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